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    Hi everyone It s been a busy month for me, much of it spent supervising hubs tilling and planting a huge vegetable garden. I just harvested my first crop of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2011
      Hi everyone

      It's been a busy month for me, much of it spent "supervising" hubs tilling
      and planting a huge vegetable garden. I just harvested my first crop of
      fresh rhubarb a few days ago, froze it and pulled some out yesterday to make
      fresh rhubarb loaf. So good!

      the recipe for rhubarb loaf

      or http://olliesyummyinyourtummy.blogspot.com/ for other recipes

      On the genealogy side, I've been working on several projects but more on
      that in another newsletter. Here's what's been happening on my genealogy
      blogs recently - just a few blog posts from this week. The BIG news for me
      is that last month I sent for my MtDNA test kit and am eagerly waiting for
      results. You can follow my DNA journey on my blog if you are interested in
      this subject. See


      I also upgraded my brother's Y-DNA testing I had done two years ago. I'm
      also blogging about those results and inviting my readers to follow along
      with me as I learn and stumble along through the confusing but EXCITING
      world of DNA. I'll share with you that on May 25th there will be a blog
      post about my brother's Family Finder Results from one of the two upgrades I
      purchased. That's at http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/

      Olive Tree Genealogy Blog at http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com

      * Book Review: Time Traveller's
      from Olive Tree Genealogy Blog by Genealogy Blogger
      Time Traveller's Handbook:A Guide to the Past
      Author: Althea Douglas
      Published by Dundurn Press, Toronto. March 2011
      341 pages
      16 Chapters plus Introduction, Notes, Index, Bibliography, Appendix

      Time Traveller's Handbook is chock full of interesting facts and details
      that affected our ancestors' lives. If you have ever wondered how long it
      took your ancestor to sail across the ocean to their new home, you'll find
      the answer in this book. Perhaps you found a record of land ownership for
      your ancestor but you don't understand the currency or the measurement unit.
      This book has your answer to such questions - questions about terms or items
      used in every day life by our ancestors but not used or understood now....

      * Musings About Life and Dear
      from Olive Tree Genealogy Blog by Genealogy Blogger
      It's a special day today. My dearest and oldest friend J. is having a

      It's a birthday we weren't sure she would see. This past February J. was
      given 3 to 4 months to live. Although she has been struggling with cancer
      for several years, she seemed to be getting better. Things were going well.
      Then the blow.

      I'm still not sure how I feel about doctors giving patients an expiration

      * Civil War Era Photo Album
      from Olive Tree Genealogy Blog by Genealogy Blogger

      A few days ago a Civil War era photo album arrived in my mailbox. It was
      sent to me by a reader of my Olive Tree Genealogy blog, who had also seen my
      Lost Faces website. ...

      Ask Olive Tree Genealogy a Question at http://askolivetree.blogspot.com

      * *Missing Person Means a Missing PIece of the Genealogy Puzzle*
      Michelle asked about her father *I have searched and searched and searched
      and searched till im all out of ability and resources to look. seriously.my
      father, yes...THAT close to me, is a man I cant seem to find any (if any)
      information on ANYWHERE. I ...

      * *Finding an Ancestor in Ontario before 1858*
      Susan asked a question about ancestors in St. Mary's Perth County Ontario
      *My family is the John Edmondson and Mary Ann Oddy. They lived in St Mary's,
      Blanchard twp. Perth County from 1837'ish. Had 9 children Sarah 1842,Alice
      1844, Elizabeth 1845, ...

      * *Ancestor Enlists with Two Names in CEF*
      Debbie asked a question about an ancestor in the CEF (Canadian Expeditionary
      Force) in WW1 *i found a record for a olvar william david bates..except he
      is listed as muxlow instead of bates.. muxlow is his mothers maiden name and
      the year of birth is ...

      Next week is going to be super busy with two of my grandsons, ages 3 and 6,
      arriving for a week's visit. I bought all kinds of specialty and convenience
      foods that hubs and I don't normally purchase - tiny yogurts, yoplait
      drinks, little bottles of apple juice, bag of cookies and so on. It was
      shocking to see the bill at the check-out - over $300.00!! Ouch, how do
      parents of young children do it?

      I'm looking forward to their visit as I don't see them very often. But I
      think I'm going to be very tired when it's over :-)

      All for now,

      Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      Follow my genealogy updates on my blog
      and join me on Twitter http://twitter.com/LorineMS

      Olive Tree Genealogy

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