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Dropbox Just Keeps Getting Better!

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  • Olive Tree Genealogy
    Hi everyone - Readers of Olive Tree Genealogy blog and newsletter know that my favourite and most-used cloud service is Dropbox . With
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2011
      Hi everyone -

      Readers of Olive Tree Genealogy blog and newsletter know that my favourite
      and most-used cloud service is Dropbox <http://db.tt/b1dtpLU>. With Dropbox
      I can store, sync, and, share files online for free.

      Here's a brief look at how Dropbox works. I've saved a file to my computer
      hard drive but I want a backup and I want to be able to work on the story
      from my iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Laptop or other computers. All I
      need to do is "drop" my file into my free Dropbox Account. Dropbox
      automatically syncs the file to all my devices that have the App installed.
      I can also access the files from any computer simply by going to the Dropbox
      website. I can also give other family members or contribuotrs access to the
      file and they can participate in the story writing, or simply enjoy reading

      With Dropbox I can take a photo from my iPhone camera and immediately send
      it to Dropbox. But here's the good news! You used to have to add one photo
      at a time to Dropbox. It was tedious. It meant going into Dropbox app on
      your phone, selecting the camera icon and then choosing ONE photo from your
      Camera Roll. When that was done uploading to Dropbox, you selected the
      camera icon again, back to your Camera Roll, try to remember where you left
      off and choose one more photo. It was time-consuming and you could only
      upload 2 photos every minute.

      But now Dropbox has the coolest update - the ability to mulitple select
      photos on your phone's Camera Roll! I tried it out after accepting the
      update on the App Store. I opened Dropbox on my iPhone and chose the Uploads
      icon. Then I clicked on the + sign and dropbox immediately went to my
      iPhone's Camera Roll where I began selecting photos. I added 22 at one time!
      Each photo I chose popped up a little check mark. When I was done, I clicked
      on upload.

      I was able to put my phone down and do other things while all 22 photos
      uploaded to my Dropbox account. This is a huge improvement. Now when my
      husband and I take our cemetery photos we can upload dozens at one shot. I
      am curious if there is a maximum number for an upload and have not tested
      that yet. Sometimes we take over 100 photos in a cemetery!

      Dropbox gives you 2GB of free storage plus ability to earn extra free space
      up to 8GB. No size limit on files. Sync files automatically. Available as an
      App for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. Able to access files from any
      computer (Mac, Windows, Linux) or mobile device. Sign up for your free
      Dropbox Account <http://db.tt/b1dtpLU> of 2GB and get an extra 250MB free
      through this link <http://db.tt/b1dtpLU>

      Posted By Genealogy Blogger to Olive Tree Genealogy
      5/07/2011 08:07:00 AM

      Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      Follow my genealogy updates on my blog
      and on Twitter http://twitter.com/LorineMS

      Olive Tree Genealogy

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