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[Olive Tree Genealogy Blog] Calling All Romantics! Bring Out Yer Love Letters!!

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    I am fascinated by old letters. One of my websites PastVoices reflects my determination to bring these poignant old letters online. Now
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2011
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      I am fascinated by old letters. One of my websites
      PastVoices<http://pastvoices.com>reflects my determination to bring
      these poignant old letters online. Now we
      have a very interesting call to genealogists to dig into their closets,
      their attics and their basements to look for love letters.

      MyHeritage.com is calling upon the British public to delve into their attics
      and shoe boxes to find ancestral love letters, and submit them via
      www.myheritage.com/loveletters. Participants are also welcome to submit more
      recently-written love letters and messages for consideration.

      The best submissions will be featured on the special competition webpage
      within MyHeritage.com, with the most romantic British love letter of all
      time � as chosen by Wendy Holden (author of The School For Husbands,
      Beautiful People and Gallery Girl) � being announced on Friday Feb. 25th
      2011. Full competition terms and conditions online

      To provide inspiration, MyHeritage.com has teamed-up with a number of
      leading UK museums and archives � including the British Library, The Royal
      Naval Museum, and The Imperial War Museum � to obtain scans (and
      transcripts) of significant British love letters from the past 500 years.
      These includes 17-year-old Margery Brews 500 year old love letter, and
      poignant missives penned by an unknown World War Two airman based in
      Yorkshire. The historical British love letters can be found in an online
      gallery at www.myheritage.com/loveletters

      The initiative is part of a drive by MyHeritage.com to encourage people to
      collect and preserve their family memories online � past and present.
      Romances between older living relatives and ancestors, often illustrated in
      love letters, are a critical point in every family�s history. With over 54
      million users around the world, MyHeritage.com has become the leading place
      online for creating and sharing a family tree.

      Details may be found at

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      2/17/2011 11:02:00 AM

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