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New Netherland Settlers - Update on books

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  • Olive Tree Genealogy
    Hello everyone, I m excited to announce two more completed books in my series on New Netherland Settlers at http://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/published.shtml
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2010
      Hello everyone,

      I'm excited to announce two more completed books in my
      series on New Netherland Settlers at

      New Netherland Settlers. A Walloon in New Amsterdam: The
      Story of Adriaen Vincent and his Wife Madaleen Eloy. by
      Lorine McGinnis Schulze published June 2010. Coil bound
      8.5x11. 94 p ISBN: 978-0-9680744-8-0

      Adriaen Vincent and his wife Madaleen were Walloons,
      French speaking protestants from Belgium, who settled in
      Netherland in its early days. Adriaen was accused in court
      of being a bigamist and I hoped that research in Amsterdam
      records would reveal the truth. Thus my search in available
      Amsterdam records began. Some of the mysteries were solved.
      Others were not. This book is the result of my Amsterdam
      research. New facts were found about Adriaen and his wife
      (including her full name), and the baptisms of children in
      Amsterdam were discovered. These are fully explained in the
      book and images of records are provided for interested

      Information about Adriaen and his family in New Amsterdam
      also included and I hope that descendants will enjoy their
      story as much as I enjoyed researching it. The book also
      straightens out the confusion in two Vincent families -
      Adriaen Vincent and Francis Vincent (and his siblings).
      Researchers have confused the two for years and have
      assigned children to Adriaen that are not his. Proof of
      family relationships is provided and all sources are

      It is 94 pages set in the historical context of the early
      Dutch settlement in New Netherland (now New York). The
      history of New Netherland, customs, religious practices,
      settlement of Fort Orange (Albany) are discussed in depth.
      An explanation of the patronymic system of naming, the
      barter system of paying for goods and the English
      translation of common Dutch words used in church records is
      also provided. See

      The second book is New Netherland Settlers: The Stevensen
      and Jacobsen Families. A genealogy to three generations of
      the descendants of Maria Goosens and her husband Steven
      Janse Coning who settled in Fort Orange in 1649 (Stevensen
      Family) and Maria Goosens and a man named Jacob (Jacobszen
      Family) . published June 2010. 8.5x11 Coil bound. 154 p.
      ISBN: 978-0-9680744-7-3 See

      A brief excerpt from my book New Netherland Settlers: The
      Stevensen and Jacobsen Familes was previously published as
      The European Origins of Steven Janse Coning in the December
      2001, Vol. 6 No. 4 issue of New Netherland Connections.

      My book completes several years of research into the
      and descendants of Steven Janse Coning who was baptized in
      1617 in Nijkerk and settled in New Netherland with his wife
      Maria Goosens circa 1649. By 1663 Steven and Maria had at
      least 7, possibly 8 children. After their divorce in 1663
      Steven and Maria married other spouses, and Maria had one
      more known child born to a man named Jacob whose surname is
      unknown. This book follows Steven, Maria and their
      descendants to three generations.

      The book is 154 pages fully sourced and footnoted. Six full
      pages of original documents from Nijkerk are included as
      well as maps. Steven and Maria's lives are set in the
      historical context of the fascinating world of the early
      settlement of New Netherland. Steven's newly discovered
      origins and names of his parents, grandparents,
      great-grandparents and siblings are documented and sourced.
      His family's suffering when the Bubonic plague struck
      Nijkerk in 1636 when Steven was only 18 years old is well
      documented and included in the book.



      -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

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