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Earthquakes, tornadoes and another book published!

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  • Olive Tree Genealogy
    Hello everyone For those not following our news stories in Ontario, my little town of Midland was hit by a 5.5 earthquake on Wednesday afternoon and less than
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2010
      Hello everyone

      For those not following our news stories in Ontario, my
      little town of Midland was hit by a 5.5 earthquake on
      Wednesday afternoon and less than 5 hours later two
      tornadoes ripped into the town, wreaking quite a bit of
      havoc. Over 200 people are without homes and over 14,000
      lost power for 24 hours. Earthquakes and tornadoes are
      extremely rare in Ontario - the last tornado here was 25
      years ago and it hit 30 miles south of us. Earthquakes are
      normally little quivers, nothing noticeable at all but this
      one was strong enough to knock objects off our shelves.


      It's been a long haul but Volume 1 of The Peer Family in
      America is finally completed and available for purchase.
      It's been quite a journey - my grandmother was a PEER and
      because of her I started researching all branches of the
      Peer family in Ontario. That led to descendants in
      Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Illinois
      as well as Canada.

      The order form may be accessed at

      Here are some of the details:

      *The Peer Family in North America. V1 Jacob & Anne Peer,
      Immigrants from New Jersey to Upper Canada in 1796. A study
      of the first two generations*. published June 2010. Coil
      bound 8.5x11. 108 p. ISBN: 978-0-9680744-3-5

      Subsequent volumes will provide details and the genealogy
      for up to 5 generations for each of the children of Jacob &
      Anne (Levi, Jacob Jr , Stephen, Marcy & Phoebe are 4
      generation genealogies; Philip & Edward are 5 generations;
      John is included in V. 1 )

      Here is a copy of the TOC for Volume 1

      *Table of Contents*



      Peer Origins

      Part I: The Story of Jacob Peer & His Wife Anne


      Part II: The Pier Family of Amsterdam & New York

      Origins of the Pier Family in the Netherlands and an
      update of Their Connection to the Ostrander Family

      Part III: The Pier Family of New Jersey

      Descendants of Teunis Jansen Pier

      Part IV: The Story of John Peer & his Wife, the Widow of
      Thomas Millard

      Part V: Maps

      Part VI: Documents for Jacob & Anne Peer

      Documents A–0

      Part VII: Documents for John Peer

      Documents P-AA

      There is a list of all my published books and articles for
      those interested, at

      We are continuing on our Genealogy Journal Writing at
      http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com I hope you'll
      consider joining in if you haven't already.

      This week I plan to write a review of a genealogy app for
      the Ipad called Gedview. The Ipad has great potential for
      us genealogists and I am going to try out Gedview and write
      about my experiences, also my thoughts on it both pro and

      Stay tuned for details!

      -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      * Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/LorineMS
      * Olive Tree Genealogy
      * Naturalization Records

      olivetreegenealogy@... or
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