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Exciting News! FIVE chances to win in Olive Tree Genealogy Birthday Draw

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    Hello everyone, Some exciting news!! Thanks to the generous support of Footnote.com , Ancestry.com and GenealogyBank.com there will now be FIVE lucky winners
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2010
      Hello everyone,

      Some exciting news!!

      Thanks to the generous support of Footnote.com ,
      Ancestry.com and GenealogyBank.com there will now be FIVE
      lucky winners in the Olive Tree Genealogy Birthday Draw!

      Footnote.com has generously donated THREE Annual
      Subscriptions to their detabases for the Birthday
      Celebration! Footnote.com helps you find and share historic
      documents. Their website brings you many never-before-seen
      historic documents through their unique partnerships with
      The National Archives, the Library of Congress and other

      Ancestry.com , the world's leading resource for online
      family history, have generously offered to provide an
      Annual World Deluxe subscription as one of the prizes for
      the Olive Tree Genealogy Birthday Celebration! The World
      Deluxe Subscription includes historical records and images
      from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland
      and more locations around the globe.

      GenealogyBank.com is very kindly donating a free 30-day
      membership for unlimited access to their databases.
      Genealogy Bank has the largest Newspaper Archive for Family
      History Research. Over 4,000 newspapers provide first-hand
      accounts about your ancestors that can't be found in other

      On February 15th a draw will be made from the list of all
      subscribers to the free Olive Tree Genealogy newsletter The
      first three names chosen will each win an annual
      Footnote.com subscription. The fourth name chosen will win
      the Ancestry.com annual subscription and the last name
      chosen will win the 30-day GenealogyBank.com subscription.

      Read more about our Birthday Celebration at

      And good luck to all subscribers of this newsletter - you
      are all entered to win one of these great prizes.

      Over on AskOliveTree at http://askolivetree.blogspot.com/
      I've answered the following queries in the last few days:

      * Finding an Ancestor in the Canadian Merchant Navy

      * Those Wonderful Abstract Indexes to Deeds!

      * Creating Timelines and Listing Clues in Census Records

      * Searching for German ancestors pre 1800

      * Name Changes - Myth or Fact?

      * Don't Put all your Genealogy Eggs in One Basket!

      * Looking for genealogy records for Mauritius

      * Establishing a Genealogy Theory is Good but you must
      prove or disprove it!

      * African American Genealogy - Finding that elusive

      If you have a challenging genealogy or history question,
      send it to me at askolivetree@... and I'll do my best
      to answer you on my blog

      Over on my blog at http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/
      we're on Week 10 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A
      Genealogy Journey Journal. I hope everyone will join me
      this week to talk about memories of your first day of
      school and of your first year.

      Your Genealogy Journal for Sharing Memories can be private,
      you work on it at home *or* you can share your memories on
      my blog as a comment *or* you can write on your own blog.
      Any way you choose the idea is just to get writing. Imagine
      how thrilled our descendants would be to find our journals
      in the future. We all know how happy we are if we find a
      great grandmother's writings!

      To see all 10 Weeks with the topics, just click on the
      SHARING MEMORIES label in the right side bar of the blog


      Also on http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/ we are on
      Part 2 of a 12 part series on less well known records for
      finding ancestors

      12 Months of Finding Ancestors: Life Insurance Records
      (Part 2 of a 12 Part Series) is now online. Just go to the
      blog and in the right side bar look for "12 Months of
      Finding Ancestors" and click on that link


      -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      * Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/LorineMS
      * Olive Tree Genealogy
      * Naturalization Records

      olivetreegenealogy@... or
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