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  • Olive Tree Genealogy
    Hello everyone I want to wish those who celebrate it, a Happy Thanksgiving coming up soon! I won t be around as I go in hospital for surgery on Tuesday Nov.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2009
      Hello everyone

      I want to wish those who celebrate it, a Happy Thanksgiving
      coming up soon! I won't be around as I go in hospital for
      surgery on Tuesday Nov. 24th and will be there for 5 days.

      Before I go, I wanted to let you know about some really
      exciting genealogy news. Footnote.com announced the
      release of their latest interactive collection of
      historical records: the Native American collection. Working
      together with the National Archives and Allen County
      Library, Footnote.com has created a unique collection that
      will help people discover new details about Native American

      The Footnote Interactive Native American Collection at
      http://tiny.cc/FMRY3 features original historical
      documents including:

      · Ratified Indian Treaties - dating back to 1722

      · Indian Census Rolls - featuring personal information
      including age, place of residence and degree of Indian

      · The Guion Miller Roll - perhaps the most important source
      of Cherokee genealogical research

      · Dawes Packets - containing original applications for
      tribal enrollments

      · And other documents relating to the Five Civilized Tribes


      I've been working on the NaturalizationRecords.com website
      at http://www.naturalizationrecords.com and have added
      some really interesting images as examples of various
      naturalization documents starting in 1795 up to 1937. The
      changes are interesting but more importantly this shows you
      what great things you can find on these documents!

      We all want to know where our ancestors came from. We want
      to know when they arrived in North America and when they
      became citizens. Naturalization and immigration records are
      the answer. Sometimes naturalization records for an
      ancestor are the only way to discover the family origins
      and that all-important ships passenger list.

      You can read the rest and click through to the images at
      "Naturalization Records, the often overlooked way to find a
      Ships Passenger List" at


      or go to this shorter URL http://tiny.cc/JHVuv

      I hope you are taking some time to follow the questions and
      answers on http://askolivetree.blogspot.com/ I've found
      time to respond to over 30 queries which are set to publish
      on the blog automatically while I'm in hospital and
      recuperating afterwards. So you won't miss any queries or
      answers and who knows - perhaps one of the answers will be
      helpful to you in your own genealogy challenges!

      Some of the recent questions and responses on Ask Olive
      Tree were

      " What to do when searching online records fails
      " Finding an ancestor who was MIA
      " Finding a Scotland Location
      " Looking for a town in Germany
      " Looking for a Civil War Soldier's Death
      " Guest Genealogist Barbara Brown Answer Part 2
      " Guest Genealogist Barbara Brown Answer Part 1
      " Guest Genealogist Barbara Brown
      " From Canada to Australia - Finding a Ships Passenger
      " Finding Catholic Records in Ontario
      " New York to Canada - Finding the Records
      " Using Wildcards to Find an Ancestor in Online Searches.
      " Finding a Ships Passenger List arriving New York 1871.
      " Problems with early New York Ships Passenger Lists..

      If you have a brick wall, remember you can send your
      genealogy queries to AskOliveTree@...

      Good hunting and I will be back in touch as soon as I am
      home from hospital and able to be online


      -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      * Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/LorineMS
      * Olive Tree Genealogy
      * Naturalization Records

      olivetreegenealogy@... or
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