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Featuring Pennsylvania Records

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    Hello everyone, The countdown is on for my scheduled surgery - 30 more days to go! I ve been busy answering queries on AskOliveTree Blog at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2009
      Hello everyone,

      The countdown is on for my scheduled surgery - 30 more days to go! I've been busy answering queries on AskOliveTree Blog at http://askolivetree.blogspot.com and programming them to publish while I'm in hospital. It's not too late to submit YOUR challenging genealogy or history query to me! Send them to askolivetree@... I'd love to get more answered before I go into hospital.

      Here are a few of the most recent questions and answers posted on http://askolivetree.blogspot.com

      * Throwing Out the Baby With the Bathwater?
      * Writing a Good Genealogy Query
      * Finding parents of brothers born early 1820s Pennsylvania
      * Help Finding a Michigan Marriage
      * How to find Birthplace of an ancestor born circa 1835 Ireland.
      * Finding a Marriage Record in Passport Applicatons
      * How to find records for Waterford Ireland
      * Looking for the Westerland Voyage 1893
      * Finding Michigan or Canadian Birth Records

      I answered 42 queries over the past week and they are set to go online in November and December. So be sure to check the AskOliveTree blog if you asked a question. There were many older questions I managed to get to, so don't give up even if you asked a question way back in January! I don't answer in chronological order so you never know when yours will be done and posted online.


      More good news for those with Pennsylvania ancestors. St. Mary's Church Records, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are online on Olive Tree Genealogy's Pennsylvania pages at http://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/usa/Pennsylvania.shtml

      These FREE transcriptions include Interments in St. Mary's Burying Ground, 1788-1800and a List of Names for Pew Rents 1787-1791 as well as a list of debtors who owed money for their pew rentals 1787-1791. I've added more transcriptions (for 1787 and 1788) for genealogists to search for ancestors and will be working on more in the next few weeks.


      Genealogy Gem

      Here's a little genealogy tip for everyone which I hope helps in your hunt for ancestors.

      If you've ever hunted for a family in the census and gotten frustrated because they just don't show up - but you know they are there? One trick you can try is to search just using a first name (the husband or the wife or a child), NO last name, and the approximate year of birth of the person. Still no hits? Try searching just using a year of birth and a location of birth - NO names at all. Look for one of the children if you can't find the parents. You'd be amazed at how often you can find the family you are looking for by trying a variety of search techniques.

      So the general rule of thumb is that if you can't find a person, broaden your search parameters. Make the search less restrictive - remember that names get mispelled (for example Celista might be written or indexed as Celesta or Celeste or Selista....) or mistranscribed or a fact such as place of birth is given incorrectly (or maybe the family lore is wrong!)


      * Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/LorineMS

      * Olive Tree Genealogy website

      * Naturalization Records website

      Happy Hunting!
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