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August Update and Family Reunion Time!

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  • Lorine
    Hello Everyone It s been a busy month or more for me, and I m sure most of you find summer just as hectic. I ve been very busy planning for a rather large
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      Hello Everyone

      It's been a busy month or more for me, and I'm sure most of you find summer just as hectic. I've been very busy planning for a rather large family reunion and gathering at my home this Saturday. I've been organizing and preparing for 6 weeks and now it's crunch time!

      I managed to finish a McGinnis Family Book which I will have on display for family members to look through and buy a copy if they want for themselves. This particular book is a personal one for family only but I think they will love the old photos in it!

      It goes from my parents back along my dad's lines to my great-great-great grandfather who came from Ireland to Ontario in 1832.

      The reunion will have a Scavenger Hunt (it's ready to go but I'm trying to think of some extra genealogy items or questions that can be included!), and lots of fun games for kids and adults alike. So it's keeping me pretty busy getting all this done in time for Saturday.

      I hope everyone's had a chance to take advantage of Footnote's offer of free access to the USA 1930 census for August. If you haven't had a chance, or have not heard about this, use this link to get to the page you need to access this free offering


      You can also use this shortened link http://tiny.cc/lIuKJ if the one above will not work for you


      Just to bring you up to date on Ask Olive Tree Blog at http://askolivetree.blogspot.com here is a list of the questions asked and answered in the last few weeks:

      Finding Relationship between 2 Families

      Guest Genealogist Kathryn Lake Answers a Query

      Guest Genealogist Kathryn Lake

      Preserving a Paper Genealogy Document

      Understanding a Ships Passenger List

      Using Circumstantial Evidence to Support a Genealogy Theory

      Finding an ancestor's employment history

      Response to Question: What Does CWF Mean in 1851 Canada Census

      How to Prove an Inherited Family Tree That Has No Sources

      FInding a picture of a Dutch ship from 1637

      Finding an Ancestor in Black Hawk War in Illinois

      Finding Proof of Unsubstantiated Family Trees

      Figuring out an old Occupation on Census Records

      Finding Military Records in Canada

      Naturalization Papers Can be Wrong re Dates of Arrival, etc

      Finding Records for a Death at Sea

      How to find an immigration record by looking in other databases

      Russian Immigrants to Kentucky?

      Help Finding an Ancestor's Ships Passenger List

      Finding an Ancestor who migrated Canada>USA>Canada

      I hope you will drop by and read a few of the questions and answers, then send me your own challenging genealogy puzzle! Address your questions to askolivetree@...


      Well it's time for me to get back to my Family Reunion work, so I will send another newsletter some time next week. Don't forget you can follow my genealogy updates on Twitter

      You can also join the Olive Tree Genealogy interactive page
      on Facebook at


      In case you can't click on that long URL in email, you can
      also find the page at http://tiny.cc/RCHYs

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