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Spring Seems to be here - time for a genealogy cleanup?

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  • Lorine
    Hi everyone I hope your weather is as nice as ours. Most of the snow has melted, the sun is shining and we don t need our warmest parkas to be outside :-) The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2009
      Hi everyone

      I hope your weather is as nice as ours. Most of the snow has melted, the sun is shining and we don't need our warmest parkas to be outside :-)

      The weather has encouraged me to start Spring Cleaning on my genealogy. This morning I wrote on my Olive Tree Genealogy blog about pulling out an old brick wall and looking at it with fresh eyes and ideas, not to say renewed enthusiasm!

      It's called Follow that Genealogy Hunch! and is at http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/2009/03/follow-that-genealogy-hunch.html

      If that long URL doesn't work here in email, just go to http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/ and start from there

      Queries being answered this week on

      * Finding a Native American Ancestor (from Mildred)
      Keywords: Native American, Tribal Rolls

      * Finding an Ancestor on Ships Passenger Lists to New
      York (from Margaret )
      Keywords: New York Ships Passenger Lists, Ships Passenger
      Lists, Using Search Engines

      * Searching Upper Canada Sundries & Land Records (from
      Keywords: Land Records, Loyalists, Piercy, Upper Canada
      Land Petitions, Upper Canada Sundries

      * Hiring a Professional Genealogist (from Michael)
      Keywords: Ireland, Professional Genealogist

      There will be more genealogy and history questions answered this week, but the ones above are the ones that are ready to go.


      Queries answered last week on

      * How can an Ancestor be in England and Canada census in
      1871 (from Bill)

      * Hunting for great uncle from England living in British
      Columbia (from Gayna )

      * Looking for an Ancestor who disappeared after 1911
      (from Diane)

      * Finding an Ancestor in Ships Passenger Lists to Canada
      (from Sharon)

      * Sorting Out Family Information on Ancestors (from

      * Searching for an Ancestor with a common name (from
      Brenda R )

      * Sometimes We Need to Slow Down and Gather more Facts
      (from Dona)

      * Separating Family Lore from Facts (from Carrie)

      Even if you didn't ask the question, or yours has not yet been answered, you might find the questions and responses useful so be sure to take a peek at what others are asking.


      Blog Posts last week on

      1. Follow that Genealogy Hunch!
      2. Dnyastree launches Surname Map for Canada
      3. Ancestor Name Changes
      4. DNA Genealogy - Choosing DNA Groups to Join
      5. Archives of Ontario UPDATE Archives of Ontario
      6. DNA Genealogy - The Kit Arrives
      7. DNA Genealogy - Friend or Foe?

      New on AncestorsAtRest.com

      Brian of AncestorsAtRest.com added about 140 more photos of
      graves in St Ann's Cemetery in Penetanguishene Simcoe
      County Ontario. The photos are of graves in the old section
      of the cemetery.


      Many other Simcoe County cemetery photos are online at

      Don't forget you can also friend me on Facebook at

      I'm also on Twitter and you can follow my updates and tweets
      at http://twitter.com/LorineMS

      You can also become a Fan of Olive Tree Genealogy interactive page on Facebook at

      Hope to see you there! Enjoy and good hunting!

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