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Happy 13th Birthday to Olive Tree Genealogy!

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  • Lorine
    Happy Birthday to OliveTreeGenealogy.com! In the winter of 1995 a small version of Olive Tree Genealogy appeared but the full version complete with the name in
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      Happy Birthday to OliveTreeGenealogy.com! In the winter of 1995 a
      small version of Olive Tree Genealogy appeared but the full version
      complete with the name in the URL did not arrive until February
      1996. This month Olive Tree Genealogy is 13 years old. That's 13
      years of bringing free data online for all to use! I hope the
      teenage years are as good as the first 13!

      You can read about Olive Tree's birth and toddler years up to the
      present at


      Or use this short URL to get there


      Questions asked and being answered in the coming week on

      * The Van Sickelen, Van Sickles Family in New Netherland. asked
      by Jim

      Tag Words: New Netherland, Van Sickles

      * Complete Your Research using One Set of Records before jumping
      to the next asked by Karen

      Tag Words: Canadian Census, Census, Dill, Huron County, Ontario

      * Finding an Immigrant Ancestor in Census - Be Creative with
      Spelling! asked by Jan

      Tag Words: American Census, Census Records, Guilfoyle

      * When was the Barge Office used for Ships Arriving in New York?
      asked by Linda

      Tag Words: Barge Office, Castle Garden, Ellis Island

      * Finding an unknown first wife's name and death year in Minnesota
      or Iowa asked by Nona

      Tag Words: Census, Iowa, Minnesota, Rosenthal, Stehn

      * How Do I find Miss Rye's Home Children records? asked by Kim

      Tag Words: Canada, England, Home Children, Miss Rye's Homes

      * Looking for Cornelia Van Alstyne asked by Bill
      Tag Words: Albany, Dutch Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Van Alstyne

      Questions asked and answered last week on

      - Looking for Margaret Walsh in Pennsylvania question by Toni

      - Finding an Ancestor from America in Upper Canada question by Lara

      - What is the Dutch name for Anna? question by Saja423

      - What is the British Bonus System? question by Marina

      - Ships Passenger Lists Outbound from USA question by Nan

      - Using Naturalization Records to find a Ships Passenger List
      question by Janet

      - Using Google and Online Family Trees Family Trees, question by Jim

      I've been unpacking the dozen boxes I brought back from my mother's
      apartment last week. In my blog I talk about clearing her apartment
      after her death, bringing the boxes (and her ashes) home, and
      starting the massive job of unpacking and sorting. All sorts of
      questions arise as one undertakes something like this - What
      genealogy treasures will be found? What to do with the mementoes of
      her life that need to be passed on to her grandchildren and great-
      grandchildren? How to preserve and share her writing, trip diaries
      and memoirs?

      Join us at http://www.olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/ to take part
      in the discussion or just to read about the progress I am making.
      Here is what readers and I have been discussing so far:

      * Packing Up A Life (Excerpt: How do you pack up a life? That is
      what my brother and I had to do this past Monday and Tuesday.....)

      * Packing Up A Life, Day 2 (Excerpt: Day 1 of packing up my mother's
      belongings from her apartment was over.....)

      * Almost a Dozen Boxes of Life, Where do I Begin? (Excerpt:
      Yesterday I looked at the 11 large cardboard boxes and 2 huge
      plastic tubs containing my mother's life. ...)

      * Unpacking the Genealogy Treasures (Excerpt: These are a few of the
      items found in the first box I unpacked. Mother's Pilot Log Book was
      a suprise....)

      Have a great February and good luck in your genealogy searches,
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