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December - a busy time of year

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  • Lorine
    Hi everyone, Only 10 more days til Christmas, for those who celebrate it. I am busy preparing for a dinner for 16 on the 28th. I m looking forward to it but it
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2008
      Hi everyone,

      Only 10 more days til Christmas, for those who celebrate it. I am busy
      preparing for a dinner for 16 on the 28th. I'm looking forward to it
      but it is tinged with sadness too, as my son is deployed in
      Afghanistan (for the third time) and won't be with us this year.
      However we will still celebrate and enjoy family while keeping him in
      our hearts and minds.

      December has not seen much activity on OliveTreeGenealogy.com or its
      sister sites. I hope to be back in full swing in January but meantime
      here are some items that might be of interest

      November free data put online can be found at

      I've kept up with my blog posts and articles and here are a few from
      December that might interest you.

      First Canadian Christmas Carol - The Huron Carol Jesous Ahatonhia

      The first Canadian Christmas Carol was written by a Jesuit Missionary
      (Jean de Brebeuf) circa 1643 for the Huron Indians in the wilderness
      of what is now Ontario. The Jesuits ministered to the Hurons at Ste
      Marie - a wilderness fortified village. I have put the words to this
      beautiful carol in Huron-Wendat language, and English, on my blog. As
      well I've put a video which features a beautiful rendition in Huron,
      French and then English. This carol ties into my ancestry in several
      different ways and I thought readers might find it of interest

      Cabinet of Curiosities: A Christmas Toast!

      My great-grandmother Sarah Jane Simpson, who was born in England in
      1862, owned this toast rack. Sarah lived in Ramsgate England, where
      she kept a boarding house. I suspect she used this toast rack on the
      table for her family and boarders. Pictures and story at

      Q & A Time: Ships Passenger List ca 1859 to USA or Canada?
      I often respond to queries on mailing lists. I established 2 Rootsweb
      mailing lists for Ships Passenger lists
      (can-shipslists-pre1865@... &
      US-SHIPSLISTS-PRE1820@...) and another 2 for Naturalization
      records (CAN-Naturalizations@... &
      USA-Naturalizations@...) several years ago and as List Admin
      I follow them closely. But I also read other immigration mailing lists
      and jump in when I can. The following is an example that I thought
      might be of interest. It's a query and it's very well written (which
      sad to say is unusual on mailing lists. Read how I found Tony's
      ancestors on a ships passenger list at

      December Ancestor Most Wanted - Quebec, Michigan, Ontario at

      December Ancestor Most Wanted - $75.00 Reward

      The Ancestor Most Wanted this month is not mine, but my husband's.
      William Ivis Massey was born 16 Nov 1847 in Quebec to William Massey
      and Ellen (Eleanor) Montgomery. I've already had several readers
      respond, one woman found a record I needed and won one of the $75.00
      rewards (there are several) but graciously refused it, saying she
      loved the hunt and thanking me for my website. Wow, talk about a nice
      Christmas present!

      Christmas Tour: Christmas Past & Present at

      This slide show of Christmas Past & Present is 1 and 1/2 minutes long.
      It starts in the 1950s and ends in 2008. I hope you enjoy the glimpse
      into the past!

      Genealogy Stocking Stuffer For My Father at

      The 8th Edition of Smile For the Camera: Stocking Stuffer asks us to
      "Show us that picture that would make a great Stocking Stuffer and
      tell us whose stocking you'd stuff." My father died Christmas Day when
      I was 13 years old, and this is for him.

      Carnival of Genealogy: Famous Canadian Ancestor Eileen Vollick, first
      licenced female pilot in Canada at

      Kathryn at LookingForAncestors Blog had a great idea for the Carnival
      of Genealogy: My Famous Canadian Ancestor. I've already posted about
      my circus cousins the Marriott Twins and my cousin who walked Niagara
      Falls on a tightrope.

      Carnival of Genealogy: My Famous Canadian Ancestor in the Circus at

      Albert George Marriott and his twin brother were my 3rd cousins, twice
      removed. Both were born in Guelph Ontario in June 1882. The winning of
      a baton contest in the old Guelph skating rink gave the Marriott twins
      their start for 60 years in show business.

      There are more. All of December's posts are at

      Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!

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