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    Hi everyone One thing I ve noticed, being an avid antique hunter and collector, is that quite often you will see antiques with a genealogy interest. I always
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2008
      Hi everyone

      One thing I've noticed, being an avid antique hunter and
      collector, is that quite often you will see antiques with a
      genealogy interest. I always carry a small memo pad and pen
      in my purse and recently I began jotting down the genealogy
      notations or inscriptions on antique items.

      I've put some of these online on Olive Tree Genealogy's NEW
      Facebook page (it is one week old) at


      This is a 2 line link so you might not be able to click on
      it. Just copy and paste both lines into your web browser
      OR use this tiny URL below - you should be able to click
      on it in this email


      If you are interested you can join the Olive Tree Genealogy
      Facebook page (it's free) to get daily feeds of Blog Posts,
      articles and discussions. It's interactive, videos, photos,
      etc are allowed. You can also post queries about pretty
      much anything that is genealogy related if you want to join
      us. I've started one Discussion Topic called "Google Earth
      & Genealogy" on the Facebook page. Feel free to jump in
      with your thoughts!

      You do have to set up a Facebook Profile if you don't have
      one, but that's free too. And you can make your Facebook
      profile PRIVATE so no need to worry about strangers getting
      hold of your personal info. You can also put in as little
      or as much as you want about yourself.

      If you don't want to view the feeds and inscriptions on
      Facebook, they are also on the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog at

      (The blog is read only, it's not truly interactive except
      for the comments section)

      The most recent items I put up are a Marriage Certificate
      from Buffalo New York in 1884, a Trophy Cup from the
      Buffalo Audubon Club from 1915 and a Silverplated Victorian
      Coffee Tankard with Genealogy engraving for an individual
      in Blair Ontario in 1887. I'm hoping someone will recognize
      the name of an ancestor! If you find something of interest
      I can direct you to the Antique Store where I spotted the

      I have more inscriptions I'm going to type out over the
      weekend so watch for them to go up on Facebook Olive Tree
      Genealogy page and my Olive Tree Genealogy blog


      -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      * Olive Tree Genealogy (Ships Passenger Lists)
      * Naturalization Records
      * Images of Ships Lists

      otg@... or olivetreegenealogy@...
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