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    Hello everyone, I hope your weather wherever you live is as nice as ours today. OliveTreeGenealogy is continuing with spring cleaning! I m sorting and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2008
      Hello everyone,

      I hope your weather wherever you live is as nice as ours

      OliveTreeGenealogy is continuing with spring cleaning! I'm
      sorting and organizing my basement (what a job) and also my
      genealogy records. The genealogy organizing is a nice break
      from the musty basement :-)

      I'm amazed at the good stuff I'm finding in my piles and
      piles of papers and records. Here's what's new online:

      Before 1865 Canadian Ships Passenger Lists were not
      archived so it's hit and miss whether or not you can find
      an ancestor. But good news! Now you can request a search
      for your ancestor in the following Books of Immigration and
      Ships Passenger Lists Records from my personal collection.
      Note that these Canadian immigration records are *not*

      [BOOK 1] Names of Emigrants 1845-1847. Records of James
      Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal (Quebec Canada)

      [BOOKS 2-4] Canada Company Remittance Books 1843-1847 in 3

      [BOOK 5] Index of Passengers Who Emigrated to Canada
      between 1817 and 1849.

      It's easiest to use the link online at

      Added ancestor letters to Past Voices: Letters Home from
      the John Early Andrews Collection of Letters submitted to
      Past Voices website at


      If this URL wraps to 2 lines, start at
      http://www.pastvoices.com/usa/ and click on the links for
      the list of letters in this wonderful collection

      There are 11 letters in WW 1 Letters of Captain Edward
      James Early, American Expeditionary Force

      Also 6 Letters from Robert N. Slack of Kentucky to his
      brother James Brown Slack in the 1840s as well as his obit
      and death notice of 1857 in California

      Last but not least, 3 miscellaneous letters:

      * 1847 Family Tree Letter to Allen C. Tucker in Marshall
      Co. Tennessee from B. N. Bugg, his brother-in-law, and wife
      Annis Tucker Bugg in Johnson City, Arkansas

      * Letter of February 1969 from William Xavier Andrews in
      Vietnam about the Tet Offensive Saturday night February 22,

      * Family Tree Letter from Dr. Gerald Norton Hoeffel to Mrs.
      Hall 1953 (great info about the Hoeffel family line!
      Related to the Edward James Early WW1 letters)

      Added Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at
      Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County New York
      Introduction to Records | August 1716--November 1750. Use
      the link at


      or start at http://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/nn/church/

      Updated Return of Emigrants Landed at the Port of Kingston,
      Ontario Canada 1861-1882 and added the following years:
      June 1863 - Jan 1864 . To date we have Oct. 1861-Jan. 1864
      online for this Project.

      The column headings for each individual which are
      transcribed and online are Date of Landing; Name of
      Emigrant or Head of Family; From what Country; Via what
      Seaport Town; Destination; Condition, general appearnace,
      health; No. of male adults; No. of Female adults; No. under
      6 years; No. over 6 years and under 12 The column headings
      in the original ledgers which are not transcribed are in
      what Township Employed as Servants; In what Township
      settled, or bought land; Amount of passage tickets issued;
      Amount of provisions; Amount of Medical aid; amount of
      Capital brought by them; General Remarks.

      Again, it is easiest for you to use the link at

      Added CLRI request form to fill out and mail for lookups in
      the Ontario Land Records Index.

      I hope this is helpful!
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