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December News on Olive Tree Genealogy

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    Hi everyone I can hardly believe there are only 15 more days til Christmas! The good news for me personally is that my son who is in Afghanistan might be able
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2007
      Hi everyone

      I can hardly believe there are only 15 more days til
      Christmas! The good news for me personally is that my son
      who is in Afghanistan might be able to make it home for a
      Christmas celebration. It doesn't really matter that it
      won't be Christmas Day, we'll just celebrate later this

      I hope that everyone, no matter what your personal views
      are on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, will support our
      military personnel who are doing their jobs over there.
      It's tough on everyone including the families left behind.
      My son has 3 children at home, ages 4 weeks to 5 years, and
      it's very hard on his wife.


      Back to Christmas and celebrations (if you celebrate that
      holiday) - I found what I think is a very cool gift for my
      husband's grandmother. She is not at all technology savvy
      so we bought her a digital photo frame. We're loading it
      with a memory card from our digital camera, with photos we
      uploaded from my computer. We put current photos plus old
      black and whites and family photos from the 1800s on the
      card which is going in the frame.

      Now she can enjoy her own personal slide show all winter
      long. And the winters here in Canada are very cold, very
      snowy and very long....

      I wrote about this gift idea and put up links to buy a
      digital photo frame, a digital photo key chain and a
      digital photo wallet card, on


      I've also been busy setting up a new section of Olive Tree
      Genealogy. One of my other sites, ShipsListsOnline, has
      been offline for over a month now. I've given up on the
      host fixing the server problems to get things back up and
      running and have started moving the data over to Olive Tree

      As of yesterday I have the outbound ships from USA to
      Europe and United Kingdom online at


      Neither USA nor Canada had to keep outbound passenger lists
      so these are very difficult to find. Luckily there are
      newspaper accounts and collectors have some originals in
      their collections. It takes me awhile to obtain copies of
      these lists but they're coming online slowly but surely.

      I'm working next on the outbound ships from Canada to USA
      ports of arrival. Please keep checking back at the Outbound
      Passenger Lists section for new data added


      Last, but not least, I added the following 2 ships:

      Rescued Passengers from Ship William Nelson Antwerp to New
      York June 1865

      First Class Passengers on board S.S. Oceanic, Southampton
      and Cherbourg to New York via Queenstown, Wednesday,
      September 13, 1911

      You can click on the direct links to these ships at

      P.S. Those who have an Ancestry subscription might be
      interested in their new Passport Applications online. These
      passports are from 1795-1925 and include emergency passport
      applications 1877-1907, passport application registers for
      1810-1817, 1830-1831, & 1834-1906 See
      http://naturalizationrecords.com/usa/passports.shtml for
      more details and a direct link to the data.


      -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      * Olive Tree Genealogy (Ships Passenger Lists)
      * Naturalization Records
      * Images of Ships Lists

      otg@... or olivetreegenealogy@...
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