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October News, Updates & Specials

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    Hi everyone In our last newsletter I mentioned that I was eagerly waiting for the arrival of my new grandson. I m pleased to say he arrived safe and sound
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2007
      Hi everyone

      In our last newsletter I mentioned that I was eagerly
      waiting for the arrival of my new grandson. I'm pleased to
      say he arrived safe and sound (much earlier than
      anticipated on 25 September) and weighed in at just over 6
      lbs. I was thrilled to hold little Ryder when he was just
      45 minutes old.

      The following Passports & Naturalization Records have been
      added to NaturalizationRecords.com at

      As always these records are FREE.

      Thank you to all who submitted a record! Please consider
      submitting your ancestor Citizenship Records to
      NaturalizationRecords.com You will help others searching
      the same ancestor, and can make contact with them.

      Submissions remain the property of the submitter, and are
      free for all to view.

      It is easiest to go to the index pages to view these newest
      ancestor records.

      and http://naturalizationrecords.com/usa/passports.shtml

      Those added are:

      1939 American Passport for Ida Katharyn Waltz of Indiana

      1920 Passport & American Red Cross American Expeditionary
      Force ID Card for Raymond J. Thomas, M.D of Chicago

      1924 Passport for Ramona E. Wulff of Sacremento California

      1948 Passport Leonardo & Michael Cazzorla of New York

      1922 Passport for Gustav & Betty Stiefel, New York City New

      1917 Naturalization Hearing for Gustav Stiefel, New York
      City New York

      1919 Naturalization Certificate for Gustav Stiefel, New
      City New York

      1897 Russian Passport for Barnet Kreit aka Berko Kraid of
      New York

      1915 Naturalization Declaration of Intent for Barnet Kreit
      aka Berko Kraid , Brooklyn New York

      1941 Naturalization Certificate Jessie Boyd, Chicago

      1939 Naturalization Certificate Southern District of New
      York for Pavlina Sansky

      If you have some old citizenship or immigration documents
      in your attic or genealogy folders, please consider
      scanning them and sending copies to me at
      olivetreegenealogy@... for inclusion on the website.
      I'm looking for old passports, identity papers, and
      naturalization records

      As many of you know, I have had an ongoing project to
      reconstruct names of passengers on ships from Netherlands
      New Netherland on Olive Tree Genealogy for several years.

      The index to this reconstruction project is at

      For those new to the Project, several primary sources were
      used to reconstruct passenger names (all sources are noted
      online) - and others continue to be found

      Thanks to Peter Christoph for discussing Harmen Myndertse
      Van de Bogart with me, and Charles Gehring for spending his
      time hunting down the source for Harmen's arrival, another
      name has been added to a specific ship - Harmen Myndertse
      Van de Bogart who arrived in 1630.

      You'll find Harmen's name and source at

      Some recent additions to sister sites:

      * Added Ontario Archives Citizenship & Naturalization
      Records List of Names
      * Added Ontario Archives List of Ontario Immigrants
      * Added Ontario Archives Citizenship & Passport Records
      List of Names

      It is easiest to go to
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/free1007.shtml and click on
      the links there


      * Added Passenger List Passengers sailed in the steamship
      America for Liverpool England from Boston, Massachusetts
      Wednesday, April 28 1852

      * Added Passenger List Steamship Baltic for Liverpool
      England from New York 27 Dec. 1855

      * Added Passenger List Passengers Sailed in steamship Arago
      for Southampton and Havre from New York 1857

      * Added Passenger List Steamship City of Manchester for
      Liverpool England from New York 4 March 1859

      * Added Passenger List Steamship Asia for Liverpool England
      from New York 21 July 1859

      * Added Passengers on Board the Ship Fair American arriving
      New York from England 1799

      * Added List of Passengers on Steamship Cherokee for
      Chagres from New York November 1851

      * Added List of Passengers on Steamship Iowa Sailing for
      Glasgow Scotland from New York 4 May 1867

      *Added Passenger List R. M. S. Saxonia Cunard Line: List of
      Saloon Passengers sailing from Boston Massachusetts to
      Liverpool England 24 July 1906 (A-C Surnames)

      *Added Passenger List S.S. Furst Bismarck Hamburg-America
      Line from New York to Southampton and Hamburg Germany 9
      July 1896 (A-E Surnames)

      Please use the links provided at
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/free0907.shtml to go directly
      to each of the ships lists above.

      Special Tip: World Vital Records has a Special Offer right
      now where you get 2 years for the price of 1 ($49.95) plus
      your choice of Genealogy Software FREE. I thought I'd
      mention it in case you have been thinking of joining but
      hadn't yet decided. The link to join is found at the TOP of
      this page


      Look for "SPOTLIGHT ON" in red, followed by mention of
      Footnote.com (still my favourite site for finding
      naturalization and other records!) and World Vital Records

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