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New Genealogy Data in September

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  • Olive Tree Genealogy
    Hi everyone It s been a very busy September. My new grandson is going to be born this Friday (all going well) so we ve been busy preparing for that. My son who
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      Hi everyone

      It's been a very busy September. My new grandson is going
      to be born this Friday (all going well) so we've been busy
      preparing for that. My son who is in the Canadian military,
      is away, so his wife is here to give birth. I have been
      enjoying my 2 year old grandson during their time with us.

      September has been interesting genealogy-wise too. There's
      a list of what's new so far at

      One of the projects I've been working on is getting
      outbound passenger lists from USA and Canada. It's not
      easy, as those lists were never archived. But thanks to
      visitors who have lists in their private collections of
      shipping memorabilia, or visitors who have great grandma's
      souvenir take-home list, we are slowly being able to add

      That project is at

      Today saw 2 more lists go online thanks to submissions from
      visitors. Please, if you have any lists, consider letting
      us put them online for all to view freely.

      Genealogy Guides & Tips is another priority item, and in
      September the following went online:

      Posted Genealogy Guide The Confusing Maze of Genealogy
      Mixups in Names

      Posted Genealogy Tip New York Times FREE 1851-1980

      Posted Genealogy Guide Ancestor Marriage Record Finder

      Posted Genealogy Guide Finding Ancestors Immigration in
      Almshouse Records

      Posted Genealogy Tip Cook Co.Illinois Records going online

      Posted Genealogy Tip United Kingdom Nonconformist birth,
      marriage and death records online

      These can be read at my Blog
      http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/ or go to the Free
      September Records (URL above) for direct links to each

      Visitor submissions are also helping to grow our collection
      of ancestor naturalization records and passports. In
      September I added Added Naturalization & Passport Records
      to http://NaturalizationRecords.com

      1939 Naturalization Certificate Southern District of New
      York for Pavlina Sansky

      1917 Naturalization Hearing for Gustav Stiefel, New York
      City New York

      1919 Naturalization Certificate for Gustav Stiefel, New
      York City New York

      1915 Naturalization Declaration of Intent for Barnet Kreit
      aka Berko Kraid , Brooklyn New York

      1941 Naturalization Certificate Jessie Boyd, Chicago

      1939 American Passport for Ida Katharyn Waltz of Indiana

      1920 Passport & American Red Cross American Expeditionary
      Force ID Card for Raymond J. Thomas, M.D of Chicago

      1924 Passport for Ramona E. Wulff of Sacremento California

      1948 Passport Leonardo & Michael Cazzorla of New York

      1922 Passport for Gustav & Betty Stiefel, New York City New

      1897 Russian Passport for Barnet Kreit aka Berko Kraid of
      New York

      There are direct links to each at

      And, because I don't think I'm busy enough :-) I
      volunteered as the new host of Waterloo County GenWeb and
      volunteered as the new host of Peterborough County GenWeb.
      Seriously, I hated seeing them without anyone to care for
      them, to answer queries, or add new data.


      I added more free genealogy data to each GenWeb site on
      Labor Day weekend


      Last but not least, I added Olive Tree Genealogy Bookstore
      at http://astore.amazon.com/theolivetreegene These are
      Genealogy books & Magazines available on Amazon.com through
      Olive Tree Genealogy. With Christmas coming (sooner than
      we might like!) I thought this might be helpful for gift
      ideas for friends and family.

      Have fun, enjoy what is new online!


      -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      * Olive Tree Genealogy (Ships Passenger Lists)
      * Naturalization Records
      * Images of Ships Lists

      otg@... or olivetreegenealogy@...
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