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Free data added in February

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    Hello everyone, I hope your February is not as cold and snowy as mine. :-) To take my mind off the constant blizzards we ve been having, I ve been working hard
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2007
      Hello everyone,

      I hope your February is not as cold and snowy as mine. :-) To take
      my mind off the constant blizzards we've been having, I've been
      working hard on my websites.

      I've put a few new passenger lists online this month:

      The Bristol Factor December 15, 1681, England to Pennsylvania
      The Bristol Factor October 1682, England to Pennsylvania
      The Lamb October 22, 1682, John Tench, master, one of Penn's fleet
      England to Pennsylvania
      The Jeffries ( Jeffrey) 1st month, 20, 1686 England to Pennsylvania
      The Amity August 8, 1682, arrived at Upland, Richard Dymond, master
      England to Pennsylvania
      The Bristol Merchant 12th month, 1682/3 England to Pennsylvania

      The index is here

      Added 1830 to New York Almshouse Bond Registers with Ship Names and
      Ports of Arrival 1819-1844


      This is really an interesting database. I'm still trying to finish
      it (14 more years to go!). When done I plan to organize the data by
      port of arrival, ship name, and so on. I hope you find an ancestor
      here. Countries of departure include Canada, England, Ireland....

      I hope this is helpful, it's a list I made of miscellaneous
      Ontario related data online on blogs.

      Each blog has a list of the Ontario documents found there.
      The dates at the end are the dates the data/document was
      posted. So you can go to the blog and search the archives
      for that date OR go to the blog and use the Blogger Search
      Engine to hunt for the keywords in the post.



      Fleming Hardy Bible of Peel County Ontario... Canada,
      Ontario 6/11/06

      Robert S. Pearson Family Bible 1881 Canada, Ontario

      Family Bible: Andrews Canada, Ontario 9/12/05

      Bible: Fleming - Hardy Genealogy Canada, Ontario 7/17/05

      GATES & MARSHALL Family Bible Canada, Nova Scotia, Ontario


      WW1 Death Records DUGGAN Ontario 8/24/05

      Photo Album: Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper,Ontario 8/4/05

      New York. Lake Champlain. Canada. Petition, 1790 -...


      Funeral Card Eliza SNYDER, 1840-1911 Ontario 2/3/07

      Funeral Card Mary Kaercher Sararas, 1911 Ontario 1/17/07

      COFFIN PLATE Ontario GORDON Ontario 1/15/07

      Funeral Card Margaret Thompson 1910 Ontario 8/5/06

      Funeral Card Leslie Rohr 1914 Roseville Ontario 1/5/06

      OBIT: Hazel Jagoe, 1910-1979 Hamilton Ontario 9/21/04

      OBIT: William Finn died 1928 Ontario


      John St. George Honner in Minnesota to brother Edward W.
      Honner in Amherstburg, Ontario, 1863

      WW1: Albert Bertram Mudge, Ontario 1915 7/11/04

      Civil War: Charles McDowell, a Canadian in NY 9th ...
      Ontario 5/8/04

      If you're looking for naturalization records, I've added new items
      to http://naturalizationrecords.com/usa/

      Added link to Naturalization Certificate of George Paul Petrak of
      Curwensville, Pennsylvania 13 January 1927

      MAY 11, 1870, Declaration of Intention of Eric Norin Douglas County
      ?? 1870, Declaration of Intention of Jan Norin Douglas County
      JUL 23, 1872, Declaration of Intention of Haagen Johnsen Loken
      Douglas County Minnesota
      AUG 31, 1874, Declaration of Intention of Adolph Engstrom Douglas
      County Minnesota
      OCT 6, 1874, Naturalization final papers of Carl Engstrom Douglas
      County Minnesota
      OCT 3, 1876, Naturalization final papers of Eric Norin Douglas
      County Minnesota
      DEC 8, 1896, Declaration of Intention of Ludvig Hanson Douglas
      County, Minnesota
      DEC 8, 1896, Naturalization final papers of Ludvig Hanson Douglas
      County, Minnesota

      1795 - 1860 Delaware County Pennsylvania Link to Naturalizations

      Added links for OCT 29, 1902, Naturalization final papers of Torsten
      T. Julseth in Rolette County, North Dakota

      Added links for OCT 20, 1875, Naturalization final papers of Andrew
      Melin Houghton County, Michigan

      Added links for OCT 16, 1884, Naturalization final papers of William
      Will Scott County, Iowa

      Scanned images of John McCrave's naturalization records.
      Chesterfield, Essex County New York

      Naturalization Papers of Antonio Fusilo of Amsterdam in the court of
      Montgomery County New York, 5 August 1905

      Franz Lorenz Naturalization Record 5 January 1894 Guadaloupe County

      I also put up a list of Massachusetts data online. It's at


      You can view the list of most recent databases with direct links, at

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