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New Databases and Happy Holidays!

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    Hi everyone I hope you are all getting a chance to visit family over the holiday season. My son, who is in the Canadian military, will be able to make it home
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2006
      Hi everyone

      I hope you are all getting a chance to visit family over the holiday

      My son, who is in the Canadian military, will be able to make it
      home for a visit this year so I'm busy getting ready for that with
      lots of cooking going on in my kitchen. There will be lots of
      grandchildren here too, so we're looking forward to a nice visit.

      It's a busy time of year for many but I wanted to give you a little
      reminder of what's new on Olive Tree Genealogy and what great free
      databases are being offered elsewhere.

      Many of you have probably found lots of information online for at
      least a few of your ancestors. But one of the burning questions is –
      how accurate is this info? Can you trust it? Here's my answer to
      that question –

      I Found My Great Great Grandfather Online -- Now What!!???
      (Verifying Records Found On Webpages)

      You just found a church record for the marriage of your great great
      grandfather, or the record of your 4th great grandparents on a
      passenger list of a ship to the New World in 1777 - wow! But you
      have questions - how accurate is this information? How can you
      verify it?

      All records have the potential for error once they have been
      transcribed. This results in the possibility of culmination of
      errors with each succeeding transcription. Deliberate altering of
      the records (such as adding details the transcriber believes are
      correct; changing the spelling of names etc) results in even more
      possibility of corruption.
      …read the rest of this article at

      What's New on Olive Tree Genealogy & her sister sites

      More Coffin Plates have gone online at Ancestors at Rest. This is a
      really great database, growing daily, and the only place on the `net
      gathering these unique items for you. Brian has graphics as well as
      the text from each coffin plate – so take a peek, who knows, your
      ancestor might be there!


      Brian also has a huge collection of Funeral and Mourning cards
      online at


      Submissions are always welcome, just email Brian at
      ancestorsatrest@... with the picture of your coffin plate
      or funeral card and he'll put it online.


      What's New (and FREE) on other sites:

      Ancestry extended the FREE access to their recently updated online
      ship passenger lists and immigration records collection. You can
      search for free for the rest of December

      All you need to do is register, no credit card is required. This
      includes their newly updated New York passenger lists database, from
      1820-1957. Ellis Island website online only goes to 1924 so this is
      your chance to search for elusive ancestors in that later time

      To get there, just go to http://olivetreegenealogy.com/ships/ and
      click on the graphic on the left hand side bar.

      Steve Morse has also created one of his wonderful ONE STEP search
      engines for this database. See http://www.stevemorse.org/

      If you're into buying genealogy related gifts for Christmas and
      looking for something a little different, Ancestry is offering 40%
      off their Canadian Deluxe subscription. It includes American records
      so take a look by going to
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/index1.shtml and clicking on the
      graphic top left.


      This is a short newsletter, I have to get back to my attempts to
      create a sweet potato-parsnip-goat's milk cheese-asparagus pie! My
      husband loves every one I've made so far, but none of them is
      exactly what I have in mind. I haven't been able to find a recipe
      (except for sweet potato pie which is not what I want) so I'm having
      fun inventing my own. It's a little frustrating though so if anyone
      knows of a recipe please write to me at olivetreegenealogy@...

      Happy Holidays and hope you find many ancestors in 2007!
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