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New Jersey Church Records

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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 1 #12: New Jersey Church Records I thought some of our
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      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 1 #12: New Jersey Church Records

      I thought some of our subscribers might like to see my information on
      NJ Church records, and view a list of online Olive Tree databases for
      NJ Churches.

      I have many NJ databases (military records, census records, tax
      records and cemetery records)which I will list in a future
      newsletter. For now, I'll stick with the churches.

      Northern New Jersey was settled by the Dutch who set up
      trading posts in the 1620s. Swedish and Finnish settlements
      followed, with settlement along the Delaware River in the

      During the colonial era, New Jersey was ruled by England.
      People moved into and out of New Jersey constantly. Church,
      court, and land records were kept from the time an area was

      The first churches in New Jersey were the Dutch Reformed,
      Congregational (Puritan), Society of Friends (Quaker), and

      By 1775 the largest denominations in New Jersey were the
      Presbyterian, Society of Friends, Dutch Reformed, Baptist,
      and Anglican (Episcopal) churches.

      In the mid-1800s, the Methodist church was the largest,
      followed by the Presbyterian, Baptist, Reformed, Friends,
      and Episcopal churches.

      Except for the Dutch Reformed and Lutheran churches in
      northern New Jersey, few of the earliest church records have

      The Olive Tree Genealogy New Jersey Section begins at



      provides a list of the early settlers in the upper part of
      Bergen Co., N. J. before 1700. This list was compiled from
      the Church membership, and the Marriage Record, of the
      Hackensack congregation. Wives' names are inlcuded.

      Marriages in Hackensack before 1700 can also be found at


      The church organization at this time occupied the field
      between Bergen and Tappan, in an area of about 10 miles
      around Hackensack. These three congregations are believed to
      be the only ones existing at that period in the vicinity of
      New Amsterdam (New York City) on the Jersey side.

      Other Olive Tree Genealogy church records for NJ may be
      found at:

      Totowa Passaic Co. Old Dutch Church Baptisms 1756-1822

      Marriages Elizabethtown, (was Essex Co.)

      First Reformed Dutch Church at Montville Marriages 1826-

      Some church records for New Jersey for the period before
      1750 in book form are:

      o Lutheran Church in New York and New Jersey, 1722-1760 :
      Lutheran records in the ministerial archives of the
      Staatsarchiv, Hamburg, Germany.translated by Simon Hart and
      Harry J. Kreider (not on microfilm)

      o New Jersey marriage records, 1665-1800. edited by William
      Nelson New Jersey marriage records, 1665-1800 : edited, with
      an historical introduction on the early marriage laws of New
      Jersey, and the precedents on which they were founded FHLC

      Lorine McGinnis Schulze
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