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  • olivetreegenealogy
    Hi Everyone I ve been very busy catching up after my trip to the Boston FGS conference. It was a great experience and I enjoyed attending some of the workshops
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2006
      Hi Everyone

      I've been very busy catching up after my trip to the Boston FGS
      conference. It was a great experience and I enjoyed attending some
      of the workshops and the Exhibitions by sellers. We drove so took
      two weeks total to get there, attend the Conference, and come home.

      Some of the latest items I've added to my websites since returning

      1. New additions to the collection of letters on Past Voices -
      Letters Home.

      2. New additions to the collection of 1860s and 1870s Photo Albums

      Here are links to get to the newest data:

      Civil War Era photo albums on Lost Faces at

      ALBUM #51 Bauder Zoller
      Civil War Era Bauder Zoller Family Photo Album with CDVs [Cartes de
      Visites], tintypes circa 1860s.

      Surnames: Walt, Walters, Bowen, Bowder, Zoller, Snyder, Bauder,
      Moyer, Fox, Smith, Lampman, Fake, Keller, Cary, Hornkey, Hess,
      WIles, Johnson, Johnston, Sneck, Miller

      Locations: New York, Rochester, Little Falls, Fort Plain, Minden,
      Cobbleskill, Syracuse, Amsterdam

      Civil War Era CLARK NOURSE Family Album with CDVs (Cartes de
      Visites),tintypes circa 1860s.

      Surnames: Nourse, Tarbell, Clark, Clarke, Chandler, Huntington,
      Thomas, Miller, Fisk, Fiske, Mermod, Rathbun, Rathburn, Davis,
      Gallup, Mahon, Wahl, Wate, WOod, Holly, Sposk, McNeal, Martin,
      Burwell, Milton, Ladd

      Locations: St Louis Missouri, Washington DC, Providence Rhode
      Island, Switzerland, Ohio, Boston Massachusetts, Connecticut

      ALBUM #53 Missouri
      Civil War Era Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), circa
      1860s. http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/faces/missouri-53.htm

      Surnames: Wilmont, Joyce, Tennant, Downey, Wood, Fowler, Fairchild,
      Larsen, McGuire, Durkett, Pluckett, Faby, Katy, Watson, Steeler

      Locations: St Louis Missouri

      ALBUM #54 Missouri 2 (Riverboat captain William Blake included)

      Civil War Era Missouri Family Photo Albumwith CDVs (Cartes de
      Visites), circa 1860s. http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/faces/missouri-

      Surnames: Orr, Blake, Felterner, Van Court

      Locations: St Louis, Missouri

      Album #55 COLE - CHANDLER in Massachusetts (Civil War Soldier
      included) http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/faces/cole-chandler.htm

      Civil War Era COLE - CHANDLER in Massachusetts Family Photo Album
      with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), tintypes circa 1860s.

      Surnames: Prince, Cole, Swift, Jones, Taylor, Morton, Chandler,
      Chase, Griffith, Bradford, Rogers, Berry, Cobb, Rickard, Fuller,
      Cowell, Sherman, Shaw, Waterman, Barrows, Vaughan, Leach, Randall,

      Locations: Taunton Massachusetts, Boston, Bridgewater, Plymouth, New
      York, Middleboro, Fall River, Providence Rhode Island, Brockton

      There are some gorgeous photos in these albums, and I am offering a
      quality reproduction service so as to allow all descendants to have
      copies of their ancestors photos. The tintypes are one-of-a-kind as
      that was the nature of a tintype - it substituted an iron plate for
      glass and is one of a kind. No copies could be made from a tintype.

      Ancestor Letters on http://pastvoices.com/

      These letters are so wonderful to read -- they speak of illness in
      the family, deaths, births, crops, weather, family and friends. I
      uploaded Canadian and American letters, but still have dozens to put
      online. I welcome submissions, just go to the submission form at
      http://www.rootsweb.com/~canmil/pv/submit.htm OR send directly to
      me in email at olivetreegenealogy@... All letters remain the
      property of the individual submitter.

      Here's what's new:

      Letter to James A. McChesney, Esq., Port Ontario, New York, from A.
      C. Dickinson, Smith Town, July 13, 1844; postmarked Peterboro, U.
      C., July 22, 1844, and Kingston, U. C., July 24, 1844

      Letter from Albert Bertram Mudge during WW1 to his mother in Guelph
      Ontario, 1915 http://pastvoices.com/canada/mudge-albert.shtml

      Letter to William Robertson McGillivray in Ontatio, Canada from his
      brother James McGillivray in Egilsay, Orkney Islands, Scotland, 1857

      The index to all Canadian letters is http://pastvoices.com/canada/

      Letter to Alvah Bush, Albany New York, from her sister, M. M. Bush,
      Cooperstown, New York 1843 http://pastvoices.com/usa/bush-alvah.shtml

      Letter to Mrs. S. C. Hoskins, Sheffield, Massachusetts, from her
      daughter Helen, Hampton, Virginia 1849

      Letter to Mr. John H. and Anna Northrop, Hebron, Washington County,
      New York, from Lydia Wells, Lisbon 1829

      Letter to Jacob Sharpless, care of Dr. Parrish, Philadelphia
      Pennsylvania from Blakey Sharpless, Weston

      Letter from John McCoy, Captain of the Augusta Co. Militia during
      the Revolutionary War from Staunton, Augusta Co. Virginia to Thomas
      Jefferson, 1781 (yes, THE Thomas Jefferson!)

      Letter to unidentified person from Simeon Baldwin, New Haven,
      [Connecticut], January 4, 1808

      Letter to Mrs. Mary Bradford and sister Sarah Jane, Northumberland,
      Pennsylvania, from Louisa, York Pennsylvania, 1839

      Letter to Miss Charlotte H. Ladd, Boston Massachusetts, from her
      mother, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1830

      Letter to Miss Mary C. Cook, Great Falls, New Hampshire, from Fanny,
      Concord, New Hampshire, 1847 http://pastvoices.com/usa/cook-

      Mr. S. Newton Dexter, Whitesborough, New York, from Miss Mary
      Dexter, Providence, Rhode Island, 1823

      Letter to Mr. Franklin Hoskins, Sheffield, Berkshire County,
      Massachusetts, from Wm. Gleason, Jr., Moresville, New York 1840

      Letter to Mr. Samuel V. King, China Grove, Georgetown, South
      Carolina, from M. L. Wilkins, Springfield, 1842

      The index to all USA letters is http://pastvoices.com/usa/

      Enjoy and feel free to pass any part of this message on to others.

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