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49 photo albums online + finding USA bound passengers before 1820

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  • Olive Tree Genealogy
    Hi everyone Well, summer is almost half finished. I can t believe how fast it goes! I ve been pretty busy and haven t had too much time to upload new files to
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      Hi everyone

      Well, summer is almost half finished. I can't believe how
      fast it goes! I've been pretty busy and haven't had too
      much time to upload new files to Olive Tree Genealogy
      sites. The list of what I have done in recent months is
      found here http://olivetreegenealogy.com/freedata.shtml

      I have been working on getting my antique photo album
      collection indexed and online - phew, what a job.

      I now have 49 albums indexed and online at LOST FACES


      The complete list of family photo albums I have indexed and
      put online is at

      Most of the albums I collect are from the Civil War era
      (1860s). This is a very early time period for photographs -
      photography did not begin in the USA until 1854. You won't
      find many albums in existence before 1860, prior to that
      time, it was mainly individual photographs done as
      ambrotypes or daguerreotypes (I have lots of those too and
      will be adding them to my online collection as I have time)

      Anyway, I'm slowly but steadily working my way through my
      personal collection of these antique 1860's and 1870s photo
      albums. Most are of families in the USA, but a few are from
      families living in Ontario Canada. There are also some
      online from late 1800s, and more to follow. I hope you take
      a peek to see if your ancestor's name is there.


      Feel free to pass this message about Lost Faces on to

      Lots of visitors write and ask me about finding ships
      passenger lists to America before 1820 (when lists had to
      be archived). Here's a how-to article I wrote on that

      Before 1820 approximately 650,000 individuals came to
      America. To find your ancestor on a Passenger List before
      1820 you will need to know his/her name, approximate year
      of arrival and nationality. Not all passengers were
      recorded before 1820. You will also need to consult
      newspaper records for names of immigrants, naturalization
      oaths, indenture lists, grants and other records.

      Some helpful tips for searching are:

      o Search for the entire family. You may find needed clues
      in another family member's details.

      o Search the sources thoroughly and record all details such
      as neighbors, guardians, witnesses.

      o Don't make your search too narrow. If you think great
      great grandpa immigrated in 1846, but you can't find him,
      search 10 years before and after

      o Be aware of all spelling variations. Remember, spelling
      was not always consistent nor standardized. Names were
      often spelled phonetically. Often a recording clerk was of
      a different nationality than the person providing the
      information and local accents play a strong part in the
      sound of a name.

      o Use indexes but use them with caution! Remember that
      indexes can be incomplete or incorrect.

      If you have thoroughly searched the records, and have not
      found anything, you may need to turn to other local records
      in the USA such as Land records, Obituaries, Census, local
      histories, Voting Registers, Military Records, and Church
      Records. These are ways of narrowing the time frame for
      your ancestor's arrival and finding out more details that
      will hopefully lead to a place of origin.

      To read the rest of this article go to

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