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Canadian Genealogy Records update

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  • Olive Tree Genealogy
    Hi everyone There are more free 1911 Canadian census surname indexes online for the following locations in Ontario at http://allcensusrecords.com/canada/
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2006
      Hi everyone

      There are more free 1911 Canadian census surname indexes
      online for the following locations in Ontario at


      Subdistricts 22, 23, 26-37, 42, 50-60, 64, 68, 71, 77-79,
      81-86, 90, 100, 112, 116, 117 (names of towns/townships too
      numerous to list here)


      Manvers Township (subdistricts 32, 34)


      Warwick Township (subdistricts 42-48)


      Toronto (subdistricts 25-29)

      Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for helping to bring
      this Surname Indexing Project online.

      There are three new databases online at the Canadian
      Genealogy Centre that will be of interest to those seeking
      their Canadian roots


      Montreal Emigrant Society Passage Book (1832)

      Port of New Westminster - Register of Chinese Immigration

      Upper Canada and Canada West Naturalization Registers (1828-

      For information on Canadian Naturalization records (what
      exists and where to find them) see

      More Canadian death records on AncestorsAtRest.com include

      The York General Burying Ground in York (now Toronto)
      Ontario. The York General Burying Ground (aka Potter's
      Field) was located at the corner of Yonge and Bloor in
      Toronto, It was closed ca 1855 and the remains of those
      buried there were removed to either
      Mount Pleasant Cemetery or the Necropolis. It contains a
      lot of valuable info about the dead such as place of birth
      and cause of death. For the years 1826 to Aug 1834 and 1849
      to 1853 there is a transcript and scans of the original

      Go to http://www.ancestorsatrest.com/cemetery_records/ and
      click on York General Burying Ground.


      Steve Morse has another One-Step search engine, this time
      for the 1901 Canadian Census. It's free to use and
      hopefully will help those seeking their Canadian roots.

      See http://www.stevemorse.org/ and scroll down the page
      until you see the Canadian Census section.

      For more Canadian Census records see

      Lost Faces has a few Canadian albums online at

      Civil War Era Photo Album Spencer and Kilman Families of
      Niagara area Ontario Canada
      Surnames include Spencer, Carrow, Kilman, Killman, Watts,
      Andrews, Bullock, Smith, Garner, Sternburgh, Daniels,
      McCall, Storey, Olds, Ward, Davis, Hutt, Monroe, Miller,
      Stewart, Palmerton, Glover

      Moser, Ziler, Siler, Dietrich Photo Album of Ontario
      Surnames include Moser, Ziler, Dietrich, Desjardine,

      LEE, WILLSON, BADENOCH Family Album of Brant County,
      Surnames include Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper, Shaver,
      Muma, Edwards, Blundy, Weaver, Clark, Lever, Green, Drake,
      Mannen, Bell, Jacobs, heron, Kitchen

      Neilson Family of Esquesing Township, Halton County
      Surnames include Stark, Brownridge, Joyce, Wilson, Graham,
      Lawson, Newton, Aitkens.
      Hele & Kingsford Family Devon England to Oxford Co. Ontario

      Surnames include Kingsford, Hele, Buncher, Healey,
      McGregor, Woodrow, Thomas, Carter, Leach, Yates,
      Chittenden, Lossing

      Skinner Family Scotland and Ontario
      Surnames include Skinner, Brown, Smith, Yemen, Welsh,
      Wallace, Cousins, Pugsley, Wilson, Young, Scroggie,

      WALLACE, DEAN, MITCHELL, JOHNSTON Family Album of Bruce &
      Huron County, Ontario
      Surnames include Wallace, Dean, Mitchell, Johnston



      Good luck!
      --New Databases online
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