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    Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holiday time was restful and enjoyable. Here s what s new in Olive Tree Genealogy Blogs, and in other Blogs of interest.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2006
      Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holiday time was restful and

      Here's what's new in Olive Tree Genealogy Blogs, and in other Blogs
      of interest. What's a Blog? Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a
      journal (or newsletter) that is updated on a frequent and regular
      basis. Olive Tree Genealogy created various blogs for announcements
      and for fast additions of genealogy records for all of you to view.


      on Paper Trails at http://paper-trail.blogspot.com/ you'll find a
      variety of documents - land records, birth certificates, bank notes,
      receipts, etc.

      Here's what you can find in December and November 2005:

      December 2005 Archives

      Pennsylvania RR Certificate Charles Strange 1936

      Civil War Enlistment - STEWART in Wisconsin 1862

      1901 Letter from Gardiner in Michigan to Civil War Vet Hayward in

      1818 Herkimer Ny Justice of the Peace Document CONKRITE & EARL

      Marriage Certificate - PORONAL & BACHER, WV & PA 1898

      Baptism Leinbach & Seibert 1846 Lebanon Pennsylvania

      Increase Crosby, Physician Orange Co. New York

      Madison Co. Indiana Taxes 1863 - Elmira Smith

      War of 1812 Scarborough Massachusetts - Ezra Carter

      William Schaszberger family York Pennsylvania

      1804 Indenture FISH & MARTEN Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co. NY

      FISH & ALVORD Cincinnatus, Cortland Co. NY Indenture

      November 2005 Archives:

      New York William COLMAN 1834 Receipt

      Marriage Certificate JOHNSON & RAPP in Kansas 1888

      Naturalization Certificate 1920 for Anders Alfred Larson

      Naturalization Papers Francis Kuhn, Hamilton Co. Ohio

      Naturalization Certificate Alexander McCalmont Pennsylvania

      1872 Grayson Texas Citizenship Document C. A. Andrews

      Documents Overseers of the Poor in Massachusetts


      On Ancestors At Rest at http://ancestorsatrest.blogspot.com/ you
      will find death records, mostly funeral cards and coffin plates.
      Here's what has been added in the last 2 months:

      December 2005 Archives

      Funeral Card Emory Crocker New York 1847-1892

      Casket plaque COCHRAN 1881

      2 Coffin Plates DEWITT 1875

      Coffin Plate TAYLOR 1877

      Funeral Card Christian Souder 1933

      Coffin Plate Chistiana Sherwin 1886

      Funeral Card Charles Schiffert 1926 Pennsylvania

      Funeral Card Esther Souder 1922

      Funeral Card Lizzie Souder 1928

      Funeral Card Hattie Souder 1913

      Funeral Card Ellwood Tyson 1932

      Casket Plaque VICKERS 1906

      November 2005 Archives

      Funeral Card Esther SOUDER 1922

      Funeral Card Charles Schiffert Pennsylvania 1926

      Memorial Death Card Eliza Sewell 1887

      Funeral Card Oscar Eliason died 1893

      Funeral Card Sallie Swartley 1937

      Funeral Card HOFF Philadelphia PA 1903


      Past Voices - Letters Home Blog at http://pastvoices.blogspot.com/

      Here's the last 10 letters posted:

      Civil War Memoir: Simeon H. Talbot 23rd New York Independent

      Civil War Memoir: Christian Rheinlander, 18th Massachusetts
      Volunteer Infantry

      Civil War Memoir: Chauncey J. Weatherwax 151st New York Volunteer

      Civil War Memoir: Isaac E. Conklin 105th New York Volunteers

      Civil War Memoir: Lyman Chatfield Harwood 129th New York Volunteer

      Civil War Memoir: Albert I. Knowles 15th New York Cavalry

      Civil War Memoir: Peter J. Rabb 23rd Battery Light Artillery, New
      York State Volunteers

      Civil War Memoir, William Henry Empson 124th Ohio Volunteers.

      Civil War Memoir: J. Byron Lovell 28th New York Volunteer Infantry

      Civil War Memoir Seth Lovell Company A, 140th New York Infantry


      All of these Blogs (and others) can be reached by starting at

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