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December Additions to Free Data on Olive Tree Genealogy!

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    Hello Everyone Here s what s new so far in December on Olive Tree Genealogy and her sister sites. 1. Emigrants from England 1773-1776 2. Interments in St.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2005
      Hello Everyone

      Here's what's new so far in December on Olive Tree Genealogy and her
      sister sites.

      1. Emigrants from England 1773-1776
      2. Interments in St. Mary's Burial Grounds, Philadelphia,
      Pennsylvania from 1788-1800
      3. Ontario Orphanage Records
      4. 1911 Canadian Census Indexes
      5. Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 Records of James Allison,
      Emigrant Agent at Montreal
      6. 1809 Pennsylvania Baggage Lists (names of passengers with luggage)

      Just to let you know that the ongoing project for "Emigrants from
      England 1773-1776" is now complete and online at

      Surnames A-G were previously online, and now Surnames H-Z have been
      added. If you think your ancestors came from England to America in
      this time period, don't miss taking a look.

      Click on "English Immigrants to USA 1773-1776 " or scroll down the
      page to the list of Surname Letters (A, B, etc)

      If you want to try copying and pasting the following URL into your
      web browser you can start at Surname "A"


      Enjoy and feel free to pass this message on to any lists you
      think would be interested!

      Olive Tree Genealogy has uploaded the complete list of Interments in
      St. Mary's Burial Grounds, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania from 1788-1800.

      The Burial records start at

      Or start at USA GENEALOGY pages at

      Choose PENNSYLVANIA, then scroll down to CHURCH RECORDS and choose
      the burials in St Mary's.

      You can also get there from the Pennsylvania pages at

      St. Mary's, built in 1763, was the second Roman Catholic institution
      in Philadelphia. It was the site of the first public religious
      commemoration of the Declaration of Independence. Members of the
      Continental Congress attended services four times from 1777 to 1781.
      George Washington worshiped at St. Marys on at least two occasions.
      Puritan-born John Adams came too.

      St. Mary's Catholic Church cemetery includes the remains of
      Commodore John Barry, known as the "Father of the American Navy";
      General Moylan, aid to George Washington; Thomas Fitzsimmons, a
      member of the Continental Congress who helped draft the United
      States Constitution; and Michael Bouvier,great-great-grandfather of
      Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

      There are more orphanages online at

      I've added a list of orphans in the Loyal True Blue Orphanage in
      Picton Ontario in 1901, plus two postcard photos (thanks to Phil
      Ainsworth for these records)

      Also you will find 4 lists of Home Children from England to Canada --

      Miss Rye's Peckham Homes in 1881

      Miss Rye's Party 1881 on SS Sarmation to Quebec

      Father Nugent's Orphans to Quebec 1881 on SS Sarmation

      Father Nugent's Orphans to Quebec 1870 on SS Austrian

      Just start at http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/orphans/ and
      click on CANADIAN ORPHANAGES near the top.

      Here are the new uploads of 1911 census Surname Indexes at

      ********* YORK COUNTY ONTARIO

      INDEX to York County Census

      1911 census Ontario District 138 York South, Sub District
      21, 22, 23, 24 North Toronto


      INDEX to Lambton County Census

      Lambton County, District 87 Arkona Subdistrict 63
      Lambton East District 87 Brooke Twp Sub-district Number: 8,
      9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 ********* RENFREW COUNTY

      INDEX to Renfrew County Census

      Renfrew County, Alice Twp, District 116, Sub-District 3, 4,
      5 Renfrew County, Raglan Twp., District 117, Sub-District 10


      INDEX to Durham County Census

      1911 Ontario Census - Durham, Cavan, Dist. 64, Sub.dist.8
      1911 Ontario Census - Durham Co., Clarke Twp, sub districts
      #10 - 16. Includes Kendall Village, Newtonville Vilage,
      Orono Vilage ********* ELGIN COUNTY ONTARIO

      INDEX to Elgin County Census

      Elgin County, Malahide Township, District 65, Subdistrict 11
      & 12 including Port Bruce Village

      ********* GREY COUNTY ONTARIO

      INDEX to Grey County Census

      Grey County District 73, Keppel Township Subdistrict 6 & 8

      ********* MANITOBA

      INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for Manitoba

      Province of Manitoba, Winnipeg District #24, Subdistrict 7
      ********* PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND

      INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for PEI

      Prince Edward Island Enumeration District 1 Township 20 and
      21 - Found's Mills, Clifton, Campbellton, New London,
      Grahams Road, Margate, Clinton, Stanley and Norborough

      ********* QUEBEC

      INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for Quebec

      Quebec, District #179 Montreal Sainte-Anne Sub-District #8 -

      Another immigration database has just been put online at

      It is "Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 Records of James
      Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal"

      From 1823 to 1849, James Allison was a government emigrant agent at
      Montreal, Quebec Canada. He was responsible for the provisioning and
      transportation of destitute immigrants from Montreal to locations
      mostly in Upper Canada (Ontario). There were several Emigration
      Agents in Upper and Lower Canada, each was resonsible for assisting
      poor immigrants in finding employment, shelter, provisions and
      transportation to their final destination.

      This database is an index to names (first and last) with information
      on where and how to obtain full details if you find an ancestor.

      This helps to fill in the challenging early years of Canadian
      immigration so don't miss having a look if you have a missing
      ancestor in this time period. Many immigrants arriving in Canada
      were on their way to USA, as fares were generally cheaper coming
      into Canada, so this database may help those looking anywhere in N.

      Several ships with passenger names have been added to the ongoing
      1809 Pennsylvania Baggage Lists at

      These baggage lists contain the names of passengers who had to pay
      taxes on excess baggage. It does not contain the names of passengers
      who were exempt because their luggage was not over the limit.


      As always, my current list of free databases is at

      Genealogy Blogs (with current announcements AND genealogy data) can
      be found at

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