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June Update: Marriage Bonds, Naturalizations, Site Maps & Blogs

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    Hi Everyone I hope you are all enjoying great weather! It s unseasonably warm where I live and it s a treat. May was super busy and hectic and my volunteers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2005
      Hi Everyone

      I hope you are all enjoying great weather! It's unseasonably warm
      where I live and it's a treat. May was super busy and hectic and my
      volunteers are working hard at several new databases.

      In this issue:

      * Marriage Bonds Ontario & Quebec 1779-1865
      * New Jersey Naturalization Records
      * Site Maps, learning how to get around my websites
      * Blogs and Newsfeeds

      Marriage Bonds Ontario & Quebec 1779-1865

      Today I want to tell you about a new (free) database at Library &
      Archives canada. Those seeking Canadian ancestors in Quebec or
      Ontario will want to visit.

      It is difficult to trace a marriage that took place in a Protestant
      church in Quebec(Lower Canada) and Ontario (Upper Canada) before

      Marriage bonds were prepared for Protestant marriages by licence.
      After obtaining the bond, a licence was issued and the marriage took
      place a few days later.

      Library and Archives Canada holds:

      2960 marriage bonds for Lower Canada (Quebec) issued between 1779
      and 1858

      7899 marriage bonds for Upper Canada (Ontario) issued between 1803
      and 1865

      A typical search reveals:

      ~ Name of the future husband
      ~ Name of the future wife
      ~ Their place of residence
      ~ Names of the sureties (people who knew the groom and would
      guarantee that no legal reasons existed why the couple could not
      ~ Date and place where the bond was issued

      These bonds are now searchable online at Library & Archives Canada at


      New Jersey Naturalization Records

      There are new free records online for New Jersey Supreme Court &
      Burlington County Court, Clerks Office for Naturalization records
      1818-1898 (P Surnames)

      These are found at NaturalizationRecords.com website at

      Site Maps

      Most of my websites have their own Site Maps to help visitors find
      what they're looking for. Some of you may not know this little
      trick, so here's the URLs to my Site Maps. These are no-frills,
      lists of general areas of each website. For my smaller website, I
      also have links to the databases. For Olive Tree Genealogy website
      this isn't possible to do as there are too many (over 1,400!), but
      the links to categories may be of help.



      Blogs and Newsfeeds

      I really want to encourage you to start using Newsfeeds. I like
      Bloglines, which is a web-based reader found at

      Using a NewsReader like Bloglines allows you to subscribe (for free)
      to as many Genealogy or other interest Blogs as you want. Then, each
      day you would go to Bloglines, check your Feeds, and read the
      headlines and/or stories written for each Blog. It's like getting
      dozens of newspapers at your door each morning -- but only having to
      quickly read the headlines or first paragraph -- then deciding
      whether or not to read more.

      I subscribe to several Genealogy Blogs. Some of them are general,
      others are daily Genealogy news accounts, which keeps me informed
      and up to date on what's happening in the Genealogy Community. Of
      course I subscribe to my own Genealogy Blogs too!

      Olive Tree has its own Blog, with headlines of what's happening in
      the Genealogy Community as well as tidbits about my websites. My
      Blog isn't the same as this newsletter, so you might be interested
      in subscribing or at least taking a look. Some events that I talk
      about here in the newsletter are also mentioned in my Blog, many are

      To subscribe:


      To check it out and take a look:


      I also subscribed to a few humor Blogs, one Antique one.. you get
      the idea I'm sure. You can customize your Newsfeeds to suit your

      When you get to http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/ look at the
      left hand side bar, about half-way down. You will see icons allowing
      you to easily add my blog to "MyYahoo" or "MyMSN" which means you
      wouldn't use Bloglines to read it, you'd use Yahoo or MSN. There are
      other readers too, take a look and see what suits you best.

      Other Blogs you might want to add to your newsfeed:


      Each of those has icons making it easy for you to add to any
      Newsfeed Reader you end up using.

      Have fun!
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