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Learning Anishinaabemowin

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  • DanyR
    Aanii, kina waya, Aaniin, gakina awiiya, I forwarded this message from Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia a while back, but I haven t seen it, so I thought I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2010
      Aanii, kina waya,
      Aaniin, gakina awiiya,

      I forwarded this message from Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia a while back, but I haven't seen it, so I thought I should send it again, while there's still time to take advantage of a wonderful offer.

      The message is about learning anishinaabemowin. Admittedly, when thinking about tools for learning the language, many people think of Pimsleur. However, there are other players in the game.

      Just a few things to consider: 1, it's much more complete than Pimsleur in every way--it takes the learner places where Pimsleur doesn't mention, nor even hint at; 2, it's a fraction of the cost of Pimsleur, but the amount of material covered is much, much greater; 3, it helps the student actually speak the language, now and for the future--Pimsleur takes the student a few steps, then that's it, you stay where you are [good luck, you're on your own now]; 4, it's made my Native people whose main goal is to help people learn the language--Pimsleur is made by non-Natives whose main goal is to make a profit. As for the quality of the material, both are excellent. I'm not saying that Pimsleur is not a good product, I'm just saying that there are more things to consider than just how well a name is known.

      I've tried both, and to me the difference is clear: there are two cars travelling down different roads in the middle of winter, trying to get to a town a couple miles away...one car goes a little ways, then gets stuck, and there is no way to go any further, so you have to get out and walk the rest of the way to where you're going, turn around and walk back to where you started, or stay where you are in the middle of nowhere--wherever you end up, it's not how you wanted to get there and you're probably not in the best of moods when you get there...the other car takes you from where you are to where you want to go, and the ride is so smooth and easy that you hardly notice the trip, except for what a sweet ride it was.

      Mii wi minik.


      Here is the message I wanted to share with you (dated Aug. 30th of this year):

      Boozhoo Anishinaabedog,

      We are offering a back to school sale, for the next three weeks, you may purchase an individual license for Ojibwemodaa! for $60. And as always, we offer deeper discounts for unemployed, incarcerated, under-employeed folks!

      Contact us through our web-site:

      All proceeds go back into the non-profit, in order to make more teaching/learning materials!

      At the checkout, type: "manoonmin" in the CODE box.
      Mary and Kevin

      Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia

      Learn in an Immersion Context
      Watch video scenarios of native speakers in every-day situations. Slow down the sound to hear every nuance of speech, and turn the Ojibwe text or the English translation on or off as you watch. Move at your own pace.

      Interactive Conversational Practice
      Practice speaking using the prompts and integrated speech features, then record your voice and replay the whole conversation with the lines you've recorded.

      Grammar Information at Your Fingertips
      Quickly and easily access grammar information on any word you come across. Expand your knowledge of how a word is used in context. Find out the part of speech, how a word is inflected, or read a grammar tutorial.

      Pronunciation Practice
      Improve your pronunciation by listening to a native speaker and comparing with your own voice. The audio spectrograph will compare your pronunciation with the native speaker and provide feedback for improvement.

      Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of collaborating to revitalize indigenous languages. To aid in the efforts of this movement, we create, produce, and distribute high quality indigenous language materials. Using cutting edge technologies, Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia aims to help close the gap between those who are trying to learn and the speakers of our indigenous languages.
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