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Re: [Oddworld] More Gameplay Questions!

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  • Paul O'Connor
    ... Our paper solution is to limit a character to possessing the closest legal target that he can see. We ll probably tweak it after we see it in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2000
      George T Gimp wrote:

      > Is there gonna be a new targeting mechanism for Abe? In Oddysee, you
      > possessed whoever was closest to you, even if that wasn't who you
      > wanted to. With the addition of another dimension, this problem
      > might become more noticeable. How is possession targeted?

      Our paper solution is to limit a character to possessing the closest legal target that he can see. We'll probably tweak it after we see it in the prototype. We might allow the player to select his target as part of an advanced character skill

      > Also, what kinds of new objects and or weapons are we going to get to
      > use? Those spears would be fun, but I don't think Abe is the warrior
      > type... Is there going to be an inventory? Are bombs, rocks, bones,
      > and meat still the staple of Abe's weaponry, or are there new
      > devilishly clever things to toss around?

      No inventory, but there will be things you can throw (and eat, in the case of power-ups). Abe won't use weapons.

      > One of Munch's abilities is swimming... will this be explored as a
      > means to expand the gameplay of Oddworld, or is it simply an ability
      > used to solve puzzles. I mean, are there going to be levels where
      > everything is underwater, involving a whole new system of
      > gameplay? I envision swimming in a vast and beautiful ocean, with
      > strange fish, huge behemoths, and intwined plantlife drifting around
      > me. I need to find an entrance to a Glukkon sewer pipe, but to do
      > so, i have to navigate through the twisted ocean bottom of Oddworld's
      > seas. Is something like this anywhere in Munch?

      Probably no underwater play in Munch's Oddysee, but we're just getting the water stuff in now, and it looks good, so you never know.

      > What is the definition of a "level" used in Munch's design anyway?
      > Is the game going to be a continuous world where the player can
      > visit old environments whenever they please, or will it be more
      > similar to the first 2 games where each level is a separate chapter
      > in itself, and there are distinct boundaries beyond which the player
      > can't traverse. Let's say I am deep in the middle of a Glukkon
      > factory, having infiltrated it in order to shut it down. Would I be
      > able to drop everything, sneak back out, and travel back to the
      > mudokon village that I had come from? Or am I stuck in the factory
      > until I achieve certain objectives?

      Think of a level as a chapter, but the chapters are BIG. For instance, everything you mention above could easily fit into a single "level" as they are currently envisioned.


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