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Recharter Time is near...

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  • Roger LaBrie
    This is beginning of the 2014 Recharter period.. It s not too early to start planning, Get that commitment from your unit members on who will honcho and work
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2013
    This is beginning of the 2014 Recharter period.. 

    It's not too early to start planning

    Get that commitment from your unit members on who will honcho and work your unit recharter.. It takes more than one person to get this done on time.  So don't be shy ask for help.  

    Orientation class is required. Schedule to follow.

    NOW is the time to think about what you want to say to your membership.. This should go out to your parents ideally by Mid September…. Let them know what is going on wand what you need from them and by WHEN.

    Lets get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First thing right now you/someone should verify that all your adults in your unit have a valid YPT certificate,, AND that you have a copy ready to turn in with the recharter paper work.

    The VALID Date for the YPT certificate is 31 March 2012 anything prior to that date needs to be redone.  For questions please feel free to email roger (not the group—Please)
    Some units ignored this last year and their charters were delayed….

    The fees for next year have not yet changed, and are not expected to change.

    Registration Fees $15
    Boy's Life Magazine$12
    Insurance $1/per registered member (paying customer)
    Tiger Scout Adult Partner (AP) AND Scout Parents (PS) include $1 Insurance/person ONLY

    Recharter Turn In and our deadline for us in the Occoquan District is the first Saturday in December  December 7th.. Location TBD.  That deadline should not be given to your parents their deadline should be sometime Mid November…

    Please see attached for some helpful hints on how to make this process go quickly and easily.

    Appreciate the years of cooperation and patience you all have provided and have shown in this effort.


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