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NCAC High Adventure Committee minutes

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  • E Lee Hutchins
    NOTE:  Summit for High Adventure 2014 mentioned for NCAC Provisional Crews!  National Capital Area Council, B.S.A. High Adventure Committee General Committee
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2013
      NOTE:  Summit for High Adventure 2014 mentioned for NCAC Provisional Crews!
      National Capital Area Council, B.S.A.

      High Adventure Committee

      General Committee Meeting Minutes

      28 March 2013



      ·         Minutes of 7 March 2013 were corrected, seconded and approved.

      ·         Mr. Mike Perry, DE of Goose Creek, was introduced. He is representing
           Wes Haynes.


      Operations  Reports

      ·         FinanceThe payments are ok.  Those in arrears will be contacted.
      ·         Trip Information.
      ·         2013 Sea base is set with 7 Scouts and 1 Adult. Need another adult leader.
      ·         2013 Philmont Trip P709 is now 53; all other trips are the same.
      ·         2014 NCAC Summit set for 7/26/2013.
      ·         Tranportation—All set. 
      Sea Base trip will be on Jet Blue to Fort Lauderdale and it will leave Dulles at 7:30 AM on the 17th July.  P-709 will depart from BWI at 06:45 AM on Sunday the 7th and need a send off person there 2 hours earlier or 4:45AM. Mr. Robert Kirk volunteered; P-716 will leave from BWI at 10:00 AM and Mr. Blackwell  will handle it. P-723 will leave Dulles on Monday the 22nd at 6:00 AM  and Virginia Ward volunteered Mike Ward for the 4:00 AM duty. 
      ·         Website—New information will be added next month.
      ·         Miscellany—There was considerable discussion concerning the costs of the 2014 trips to Philmont.  It was decided that the economic trip will be $1800 and the luxury trip will be $2105.

      Base Coordinator Reports

      ·         Sea Base—There is a need to update the website re Sea Base.  Two boats have been requested for 2014.  An on-the-water training session for 2014 was reccommended.
      ·          Maine--No report.
      ·         Philmonthas 150 trek openings for 12-day treks in 2013.  Only four crews have requested spaces for 2014.  The lottery will be handled by Dave Talbott next week.
      ·         AdirondacksNo report.
      ·         Northern Tier --The second information and training session will be held at the Little Falls PresbyterianChurch in Arlington on Saturday, April 13, thanks to Troop 638  My thanks to Jim Tyson for helping arrange this location near the Beltway. We will start at 8:30 AM and finish about 1 PM, depending on questions. For more info:
      The seminar will be in Fellowship Hall. It is the big conference room in the         basement. The entrance to the basement is at the back of the building.
      ·         Lenhok’sin—Needs intensive promotion at RTs, etc. as the registration is really down this year;

      ·         Summit—There will be two 12 NCAC Provo person crews: one for river kayaking and the other for rock climbing (Helmet and Harnesses). A $100 deposit is due May 31, 2013. George Gadbois will be the point man for the Summit trips.  The trip will be  7/26.



      District Reports
      ·         Prince George—HA rep is still having difficulties getting info to the RT. The NCAC orienteering event held on the 23 March went well.  This event is a good place to promote HA.
      ·         Goose Creek-- Rep requested the use of the promotion boards used at the U of Scouting for the May 8th.
      ·         Potomac—Rep. would like to use the same boards for the Program Launch on the 14th May.
      ·         Chain Bridge—The draft of the HA opportunities for the next few months was sent out.
      ·         Hikes—The Virginia hike went well at Signal Knob. Maryland went well also.  The make-up hike is scheduled for either the 6 or 27 April.
      ·         The T-shirts for 2013 are in will be distributed at a later date.
      ·         Wilderness First Aid course dates have been published.  Status of each course is unknown.
      ·         Professional’s Minute— Mr. Perry expressed his and Wes Hayne’s  appreciation for the effort put out by HAC.



                Dana Abrahamsen            Jim Burris                     John Blackwell
                Bill Demarest                   George Gadbois              Brian Gannon
                Rick Gollhofer                  Ed Graydon                    Dave Green
                Robert Kirk                      Jack Lundin                   Mike Perry
                Craig Reichow                  Dave Talbott                  Stanley Turk         
                Virginia Ward                   Rush Williamson            Bill Wilson
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