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LBPA Status and Welcome Stan Mushaw as your new District Commisioner!

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  • Andy Tainter
    All Units We have completed the call for Lord Baden Powell Award nominees. The units that have submitted names are listed below. If you believe that I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2013

      All Units


      We have completed the call for Lord Baden Powell Award nominees.  The units that have submitted names are listed below.  If you believe that I have made a recording error now is the time to holler.  The awards will be presented at the District Dinner in April.


      On other news, as I mentioned at Roundtable Monday evening, March 2013 marks three years on my time as the District Commissioner for Occoquan.  I have truly enjoyed serving the units of Occoquan and I thank everyone for their service to our youth.  I believe that Occoquan is one of the best districts around and this is predominately due to the fantastic program that you all as leaders are providing our youth.


      I passed the DC torch to Stan Mushaw Monday night at RT and he is now  the new Occoquan District Commissioner.  When you get a chance, please be sure to thank him for taking on this job serving all of you!


      Stan now has access to the occoquandc@... email address.  During a short transition phase you may get an email from “Stan Mushaw – occoquandc@...” but with my name at the end – this is not an error, we’re just in the midst of transferring things.  


      Thank you all for what you do in Scouting!


      Andy Tainter

      (newest) Occoquan District Committee Member




      Units that have been recorded as submitted LBPA names

      Crew 0810

      Crew 1374

      Crew 1396

      Crew 1556

      Pack 0035

      Pack 0117

      Pack 0136

      Pack 0289

      Pack 0292

      Pack 0295

      Pack 0501

      Pack 0611

      Pack 0634

      Pack 1149

      Pack 1189

      Pack 1353

      Pack 1364

      Pack 1365

      Pack 1369

      Pack 1385

      Pack 1398

      Pack 1456

      Pack 1556

      Ship 7916

      Troop 0189

      Troop 0295

      Troop 0857

      Troop 0964

      Troop 1357

      Troop 1363

      Troop 1365

      Troop 1369

      Troop 1378

      Troop 1390

      Troop 1396

      Troop 1556

      Troop 1919



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