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Clarifying Request for Info Pertaining to Scouting Community Service Projects

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  • Peter
    Scouters, Yesterday I posted a file on this group site which was a follow up on a request made during Monday s Roundtable joint session. Based on initial
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2013

      Yesterday I posted a file on this group site which was a follow up on a request made during Monday's Roundtable joint session. Based on initial responses, it appears that clarifying information is needed.

      The District Committee is putting together a grant request which will be submitted to the county supervisors. A central part of the request is referencing the many community service projects district units have done that benefit the county at large.

      We are primarily interested in projects that were carried out in the past year or two. It is not expected that units go through the trouble of detailing all the service projects they have executed. The purpose is to show that Scouting has been positive force in the county and is deserving of support so our influence may continue to be felt.

      A total accounting is not expected. I suggest that information from Eagle Scout projects be the first provided by troops. Perhaps packs have done trash clean ups. Other units may have supported river front or lake front cleanup. Projects that support a unit's charter organization is also relevant as are projects carried out in Prince William Forest Park, the Manassas Battlefield or any of the county parks.

      Lastly, the intent of the survey form was to capture information for just one project. If you have multiple projects you would like to submit information on, please use one form for each project. This will give us the clarity needed to make our case. If you have already provided information that is not entirely consistent with the guidance provided above, don't worry about resubmitting your info. We'll figure out how to work with what has been provided.

      Thank you for your assistance in this effort.

      Yours in Scouting,

      Pete DeSalva
      Roundtable Commissioner
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