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NCAC High Adventure Committee Minutes - Mar

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  • E Lee Hutchins
    Item of note:  Sea Base is going to require Wilderness First Aid Training now for adults!   ... National Capital Area Council, B.S.A. High Adventure
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2012
      Item of note:  Sea Base is going to require Wilderness First Aid Training now for adults!
      National Capital Area Council, B.S.A.
      High Adventure Committee
      General Committee Meeting Minutes
      1 March 2012
      ·         Minutes of 2 February 2012 were passed.

      Operations  Reports

      ·         Finance—No report.
      ·        2012 Budget-- Fifty percent of the attendees have paid up through January and February.  The rest will be reminded at the training session of their due payments.
      ·        Trip Information  2012: 81 people on P-705; 44 n P-713; and 46 on     P-720.
      ·        Philmont:  The information and application forms for 2013 are ready to be distributed.
      Sea Base:--now requires the leader to have WFA training.
      ·        Transportation—P-705 will be split between Albuquerque and Denver.. Website—is up to date.

      Base Coordinator Reports

      Philmont –There was an intensive windstorm at Philmont that caused $2.5 million n damages. Repair work is under way and it is expected that all will be ready for the 2012 season.  Trek selections will be announced on the 15th March.
      ·         Adirondacks—No report.
      ·         Northern Tier—Andrea Davis will be assisting Craig Reichow at the March training session. About 20-25 people expected for the NT sesssion.
      ·         Lenhok’sin—256 Scouts and 71 adults have signed up to date. Several staff openings are available for 18 year-olds
      ·         Summit—No information.


      1.    District Reports
      ·         George Mason—There was an inquiry about Wilderness  First Aid  courses.  He was referred to the knowledgeable people and he was given the dates of the PATC classes.
      ·         Washington DC –Promoted Goshen and Lenhok’sin.
      ·         Sully –No report
      ·         Goose Creek--- Needs materials for a HA presentation.
      ·        Potomac—HA brochures were passed out, but no feedback as yet.
      ·         Appalachian Trail—Majority of troops going or are interested in going on HA trips.  One crew is going on the Cavalcade trek.
      ·         Prince George—RT was notified that the 2013 unit applications for Philmont are available.
      ·         Chain Bridge—No report.
      ·        Potomac District--- has started out very organized with a definite mission and many attending the first very successful Roundtable.
      ·         Appalachian Trail—No report.
      ·         Tayak ---Recommend the PATC hike leader training for HA leaders. Also, the level of first aid training should be heightened for the scouts.,

      Business and Training

      ·         University of Scouting on 25 Feb at Hayfield High School— There was a large attendance and since the reception was held in the display area the HA booth got a lot of attention. All the brochures were passed out.  All the HA leaders who helped with the booth were thanked for their efforts. 8-10 people attended the HA class. The class in backpacking was full and it discussed all the new hiking products on the market.  Good class to take.  A long discussion was held on ultralite equipment versus Scout equipment.
      ·         Hikes –March 17th hike will have 2 groups at Signal Knob, VA and 1 at Catoctin Mt , MD . Need another leader  for the VA hikes. Hikers should have their medical forms completed and carry a  35 lb. pack.  Meet at 8 AM.  Other hikes will be announced by Art Jordan.
      ·         March Training Session—The final assignments were made. Everything was pretty well covered.  
      Professional’s Minute—The Silver Beaver award is being given to our Tom Wheatley.  So attend the banquet.  Congratulations, Tom! 


                Dana Abrahamsen            Ron Burger                    George Gadbois     Brian Gannon                Rick Gollhofer                  Ed Graydon                   
                Dave Green                      Wes Haynes                   Melvin Horne        
                Robert Kirk                      Jack Lundin                   Jim Merritt
                David O’Leary                   Craig Reichow                Stanley Turk        
                Mike Ward                        Virginia Ward                Tom Wheatley        Rush Williamson  
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