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NCAC High Adventure Cmtee Report

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  • E Lee Hutchins
    there are a few tidbits in here: National Capital Area Council, B.S.A. High Adventure Committee General Committee Meeting Minutes 2 February 2012
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2012
      there are a few tidbits in here:
      National Capital Area Council, B.S.A.
      High Adventure Committee
      General Committee Meeting Minutes
      2 February 2012
      ·         Minutes of 5 January 20112 were corrected and passed.
      ·         Mr. Jack Person of the Philmont Staff Association and the Chain Bridge District was introduced.
      Operations  Reports
      ·         FinanceForty percent of the payments are in. Troop 55 has been added.  The amount due from each unit will be ready at the March training session.
      ·         2012 Budget There will be 171 participants and we may be able to reduce the current cost of $1950.  The final cost will be announced in April.
      ·         Trip Information  2012: Need sizes for the T-shirts. A sample shirt was displayed with the front and back logos.  An XL crew T-shirt will be given to the ranger of each crew.  The shirts will be available at the June meeting.
      Philmont:  The information and application forms are ready to be distributed.  Two types of trips are described. The 14 day economy tr ip at $1800 and the standard 15 day  trip at $2100.  The correspondence and payment dates, and training events are included.  List of NCAC participants is in Wes Haynes hands.
      Sea Base:  A deposit has been made for an 8-person trip on the 17-23 July.
      ·         Transportation—All flights will be through Albuquerque,NM to reduce the costs with Blue sky except for P-705 which is split between Albuequerque and Denver..With air rates increasing it may be worthwhile taking  a look at rail transportation.
      ·       Website—Send traing reports and  new information to Stanley Turk at stanley.turk@....

      Base Coordinator Reports

      Philmont 2013 Lottery is over and allocations have sent out. Brochures for staff positions and  individual opportunities at the Ranch were made available to all. Any scout interested in a staff position should contact Ed Graydon at 703-680-6550 or ed.graydon@....  They must be 18 years or older.
      Sea Base 2013 – Lottery time ends 15 February. NCAC HAC has made a deposit for an 8-person small boat sailing trip on the 17-23 July.
      ·         Adirondacks—No report.
      ·         Northern Tier—The Okpik program has been hampered by high temperatures and a lack of snow this year.  NT has yet to provide the names and telephone numbers of the people from NCAC so that we can contact them
      ·         Maine—No report.
      ·         Lenhok’sin—Several staff openings are available for 18 year-olds +foir the Civil War, the lumberjack, caving and rock climbing programs.  there is still room for a unit each week.  Tom Wheatley will head a provo crew on 22 July.  A 2013 flyer is being put together for 2013. Goshen also has a lot of staff jobs still available.
      ·          Summit—No information.


      1.    District Reports
      ·         George Mason—There was a big interest In the Adirondack trip at our January RT.
      ·         Sully –Mr. Merritt reported on the tough Wilderness First Aid course he took at the Center oif Wilderness safety.  The cost was $165 and the course book is excellent.  They have a retail website for first aid equipment. All the members of his class were going to Philmont.
      ·         Goose Creek--- A HA report was sent out to the district.
      ·         Montgomery—Montgomery’s status as “has completed its split into three new Districts: Potomac, White Oak, and Seneca; the HAC will be looking for reps for the new White Oak and Seneca”.
      ·         Appalachian Trail—No report
      ·         Prince George—Megen weeks will lead the NCAC Provo crew on their shake down.  Mr. Turk needs the e-mail addresses of the leaders.
      ·         Chain Bridge—Mr. Green described his vacation to the Antarctica.
      ·         Potomac District--- has started out very organized with a definite mission and many attending the first very successful Roundtable.
      ·         Appalachian Trail—No report.

      Business and Training

      ·         University of Scouting on 25 Feb at Hayfield High School— Any help would be appreciated at the display during the noon hour.
      ·         Hikes – none planned for February.  March 17th hike at Signal Knob, Va and Catoctin Mt , MD . Hikers should have their medical forms completed and carry a  35 lb. pack.  Meet at 8 AM.
      ·         January Training Session—Went well.
      ·         March Training Session—The final assignments were made. Everything was pretty well covered.  
      Professional’s Minute—There is still a need to get HA information to all the districts. Wes would like to get a copy of any HA news sent out by the district reps. He has caught up with his backlog.  
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