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  • Roger LaBrie
    Troop 1420 at risk to default Troop 1352 Bruce Benson Bob Fenlason working Pack 108 Cary Ferguson FOLDING Pack 108 Shannon Miller FOLDING Troop 1919 Diana
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2011
      Troop1420 at risk to default
      Troop1352Bruce BensonBob Fenlason working
      Pack108Cary FergusonFOLDING
      Pack108Shannon MillerFOLDING
      Troop1919Diana ClarkTurned in 1 Dec Roger
      Crew1919Kathy HowellTurned in 1 Dec Roger-Needs YPT $
      Pack35The HoldensTurned in 11/26/2011-Andy-Jeff
      Crew1396Bortner, Thomas Turned in 11/26/2011-Jeff
      Troop1396Tim Connolly Turned in 11/26/2011-Jeff
      Ship7916Stu SanfordTurned in 11/29/2011-Roger
      Troop189Chris McDonaldTurned in 11/30/2011 Fenlason
      Troop189Ralph MorseTurned in 11/30/2011 Fenlason
      Pack964Anca EoffTurned in 11/30/2011-Roger
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