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Re: [Occoquan Scouting Newsgroup] Applications from JSNs

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  • Roger LaBrie
    Registration for the Month of October (Prorated) Registration $3.75 Boy s Life $3.00 NO Insurance fee at this time -- NOTE: Insurance fees are NOT paid during
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2011
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      Registration for the Month of October (Prorated)

      Registration $3.75
      Boy's Life $3.00
      NO Insurance fee at this time -- 
      NOTE: Insurance fees are NOT paid during the charter year -- Insurance fees are only required during the Re-charter process!

      Checks made out to NCAC

      If you have transfers??
      Transfers remain at  $1 per person/membership
      Transfers are only valid with active memberships  so please include the membership ID on the registration form.


      On Sep 29, 2011, at 11:12 PM, Andy Tainter wrote:



      If you have not already turned in your new scout and adult applications from your Unit’s JSN then please consider bringing them to the Occoquan District Training day which is THIS Saturday at Grace Baptist.  OCT 1.  Jeff will be there to collect them or you can turn them into any commissioner.  Please remember the funds required for registration. 


      If you cannot make training day, please contact your commissioner, myself, or Jeff Hanson so that we’re sure to get your new youth’s applications processed as soon as possible.  Someone will come to you and pick them up if necessary.


      Please do not hold these applications waiting for recharter later in the year – the youth need to be registered asap so that at a minimum, Boys Life can start coming and the online advancement functions for your unit.  Plus you will want all of your new members already entered into the online system to minimize complications come recharter.


      If you are holding youth apps while you’re trying to get a few adult apps up to snuff, or holding the ones collected at JSN for a couple more that are supposed to show at your next Pack meeting, or essentially for any reason (!) please consider breaking this up into multiple  jobs.  Someone can always come pick them up from you.




      Andy Tainter

      703 507 3734



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