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YPT Certification Requirement

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  • Roger Labrie
    OK folks it is getting to be re-charter time again, and as the calendar shows we are 90+ days from turn in (approximately) and counting... The commissioners
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2011
    OK folks it is getting to be re-charter time again, and as the calendar shows we are 90+ days from turn in (approximately) and counting...

    The commissioners feel we owe you some explanation as to what happened last year and what we plan on doing this year to avoid a repeat of last year. We again appreciated your patience and most importantly all of the help last year.  FYI we were not the only District to go through this, but we were one of the few to get all of the units and people in with only one membership dropped.  (it was a dual membership in one of the units)-- The Occoquan District did not lose anyone.

    Last year's re-charter  was probably the most difficult because we were led to believe that the charter paper work would validate for the Youth Protection Training (YPT) requirement, and the commissioners followed that lead.  Unfortunately that was not the case the committee members for the most part were not included in that process, however Council validated on all of the adults, regardless, leaving many committee members in jeopardy.  The commissioners did not and still do not have ready access to that information, even with all of the hard work that Jack Z. did to get our records up to speed, there was still a delta out there we were not aware of and could not address.

    This year in planning for the re-charter we found out that council is essentially going to go through the same process, again something we have no control over.   To avoid any issues we are requesting that ALL adults, who have a paid registered position in scouting, including those in multiple units provide a copy of their YPT certificate along with their unit charter paperwork-- No exceptions please..  To process the units through quickly the commissioners cannot be expected to know every detail in the make up of your unit membership;  but, if there are 20 adults in your unit and 20 YPT certs in the charter package you are 100% certain that the lack of YPT certification within your unit  will not be the cause of any membership or your charter failing. This is our goal. 

    Attached is a short power point package to help folks get copies of their certificates.. Please pass this on to your adult membership as needed (your call)

    All adults must provide their YPT certificate to their unit representative so that they can be included in the charter 2012 package.  No exceptions please.

    Questions please feel free to email Roger and Andy but please do not copy the Egroup we know this is will be hard for some but inevitable for all.

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