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Additional popcorn pickup information for Saturday

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    Reminders and Instructions for Saturday s popcorn pickup Please plan to arrive by 8:00 AM. We will start loading cars no later than 9:00 AM. If we are setup
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      Reminders and Instructions for Saturday's popcorn pickup
      Please plan to arrive by 8:00 AM. We will start loading cars no later than 9:00 AM. If we are setup and ready earlier than 9:00 AM and there are cars waiting, we will open the line then.

      CAR LINE: Bob Henke(at Robinson) and Bill Williams (at Moyer) will be working the line at each location.

      § Each driver will get a copy of their packing slip taped(blue tape) to their windshield. This will give the loaders something to look at for the quantity to load.

      § They will also get a copy of their invoice. Payment is not required at pickup or any date before December. We can tell them that we would appreciate payment once they have sold this order.

      § SPECIAL NOTE: We will also be asking the drivers if they need any additional product. We have some limited amount for pickup on Saturday. Bob and Bill will note this on the packing slip that will be on the window.


      Each car then proceeds to the designated area for loading.

      We will be sending an email to all units to remind them to make sure that they prepare their vehicles in advance. We will also ask them to assist with loading

      We will ask forklift operators to line up the pallets in "packing slip" order.

      Please bring box cutters to cut away the plastic wrapping on the pallets to speed up loading.

      Stage 1: Heavy products first, so they load on the bottom of the vehicle

      Kettle Corn

      Unbelievable Butter

      Butter Light

      Stage 2: Lighter products last

      Cheese Lover's Collection

      Caramel Corn with ACP

      Butter Toffee Caramel Corn

      Caramel Corn

      Once loading is finished, the last step before the vehicle leaves, one of the staff (to be assigned on Saturday AM by Bob and Bill) will have a binder with a duplicate copy of all the unit packing slips and will get the signature from the unit on that packing slip.


      The binders with the signed packing slips need to be kept intact and returned to Bill Williams or Lisa Snip at the council office.

      After loading, some unit kernels may want to double check and count their order. That's fine, but they just need to pull out of the loading area to do it, or else it backs up the line.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Bill Williams

      Director of Corporate and Community Relations

      Popcorn Program

      National Capital Area Council

      Boy Scouts of America

      9190 Rockville Pike

      Bethesda, MD. 20814

      (O) 301-214-9105 (C) 301-523-4308

      FAX: 301-564-9513 NCAC Office: 301-530-9360

      EMAIL: bill.williams@...

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