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CPL Himan Return

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  • mchipman73
    Leaders, please respond to Lance Frye today. lancemfrye@hotmail.com From: Lance Frye To: mchipman73@yahoo.com Cc: kfritz@pwcgov.org
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2011
      Leaders, please respond to Lance Frye today. lancemfrye@...

      From: Lance Frye <lancemfrye@...>
      To: mchipman73@...
      Cc: kfritz@...
      Sent: Wed, March 30, 2011 3:40:16 PM
      Subject: Himan return


      I just spoke to Katie Fritz in Supervisor Nohe's office. Here is the scoop.

      Scouts will be positioned on Dale Blvd on the sidewalk in front of Mapledale Plaza at 10am SHARP. Cpl Himan will be passing trough around 1030.
      Parking will be in the Mapledale plaza parking lot.

      To confirm the date.

      This Saturday APRIL 2nd at 10am.

      We will be there for around 1 hour.

      Please pass this URGENT information to all scoutmasters to return a headcount to me as soon as possible.

      I am trying to have a headcount to the office by Thursday COB.

      Thanks to all scouts and parents for their support.

      I have attached a copy of the flyer in PDF format.

      If all scoutmasters can email me directly with the head count that would be wonderful.

      Please note in an effort to limit over communication with Nohe's office I am acting as the scout rep for the district.


      Lance Frye
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