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  • Rob Deziel (Home)
    Scouters of Occoquan, Jim and I would like to thank those that have volunteered to assist with LCpl Himan s Wounder Warrior Home project. The Boy Scouts have
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      Scouters of Occoquan,


      Jim and I would like to thank those that have volunteered to assist with LCpl Himan’s Wounder Warrior Home project. 


      The Boy Scouts have been asked to design and manage the landscaping portion of this project. (http://bringcorporalhimanhome.weebly.com/index.htm).  Our District has responded with an outpouring of labor assistance.  As the details of our portion continue to be refined, we may need more assistance.   Weather permitting, the landscaping work will be accomplished over the last two weekends of March when the remaining construction should be indoors.


      We are looking for donations or reduced cost landscaping materials (sod, trees, mulch, etc.) and need assistance to turn design plans into a shopping list.  If you know of someone or a business that can help, please forward contact information to Jim Perna at vjp38@....      


      Jim Perna is leading the coordination between the Boy Scouts and The NOVA Fuller House and will collect service hour information for the NOVA Fuller House, District, and NCAC use.  Each Pack, Troop, Team, Crew and others will need to manage accountability of their member’s service hours.   Jim will


      Thanks in advance,


      Jim Perna

      ASM BSA Troop 1919



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      Subject: Community Service Project


      Scouters of Occoquan,

      (I apologize to those of you that are getting this twice or more as I am BCC’ing personal e-mail addresses and sending it to the Occoquan distribution lists so that this message gets the widest possible dissemination.)

      There is a community project that some Scouts in our District are participating in and I am passing the word along so that you may consider adding this extremely worthy service project into your calendar during March. Many of the details are very fluid at the moment, so I do not have exact dates that require help but it appears that our target date for service will be during the last couple of weeks of March. 

      Please take a moment to read the following:


      In September 2009 at age 25, Joshua Himan was a Marine Lance Corporal, when his Humvee hit an improvised explosive device (IED) in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, forever changing his life. The explosion severely injured Joshua’s spinal cord, leaving him a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Joshua left his ability to live independently on a battlefield in Afghanistan – a warrior’s sacrifice.

      At that moment, the lives of his parents’ Jerry & Patricia were also changed.  In an instant, their own plans for retirement turned into a reality of care giving.  His mother quit her job as a teacher’s aide so she could care for him at the Fisher House on Walter Reed.  His father has returned to work, as he needs to provide for his family.

      This Wounded Warrior Family lives in Prince William County in a multi-level home.  Joshua is currently recovering in Walter Reed Army Hospital and should finish with his outpatient care in the end of March 2011.  However, before his parents can bring Joshua home, the Himans’ house needs to be modified and made safe, accessible, and ready for him.

      The Northern Virginia Fuller Center for Housing is raising funds, securing subcontractors, and coordinating volunteers to build an addition for the Himan family that meets all of their needs for the foreseeable future; a home with an accessible bathroom for easy bathing, wide doorways and hallways to allow for easy transport, and a master suite with sufficient space for Joshua.

      In Triangle Virginia, Robert Lang is a local coordinator supporting the Fuller Center’s mission.  He does so in recognition of the service that Joshua and his family have given to our country.  Lang challenges the rest of the community, even if it is in the smallest ways, to step up and recognize Joshua’s sacrifice.  Said Lang, “Everyone can do something".  Some people will donate money, and that is good as the need is great.  However, if someone is not in the position to donate money, the Fuller Center needs people to work other issues as well.”

      Along with the obvious carpenters, plumbers, roofers, and electricians, Lang noted that we need people to work phone trees, drive volunteers to the job site, even make coffee.  “Re-making a home to take care of Joshua is not a one-person effort and the work is now in a critical stage.  But, with a community of people doing what they can, when they can, we will get this done on time.” Lang added.

      Lance Corporal Himan’s family lives off Dale Blvd (western end towards Hoadley) on Orangewood Drive.  I am coordinating the troop’s participation.  Like the write up said “Everyone can do something”.  The only stipulation is that Scouts need to be 12 years old.  The organization heading up this Wounded Warrior Project will publish a schedule of events and volunteer duties (see the link below).  As you can image, this will be a very busy construction site.  Talking with the coordinator, our scouts would probably be asked to do some light labor around the constructions site.  Ground breaking (weather permitting) starts this week, with anticipated construction completion date of 28 March to coincide with Lance Corporal Himan's homecoming.  Once the schedule is published and a list of volunteer opportunities is identified, with the dates required, I will advise everyone of our plans. Right now, I would like to know who is interested in helping out.  This young man volunteered to support the defense of our country, we can show our gratitude by supporting this project. 

      Consider volunteering your time (Scouts & Adults) on the weekends to support this project.  Scouts may earn community services hours. The Scouts are being asked to install landscaping.    

      If you would like more information or to sign up, please contact:


      Jim Perna


      Boy Scout Volunteer coordinator to Northern Virginia Fuller Center for Housing

      Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 1919



      YISS & WWW,

      Rob Deziel

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