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4872RE: [Occoquan Scouting Newsgroup] Units not yet responded

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  • Cory Lyman
    Jul 8 7:26 AM
      The Recharter point of contact for Troop, Team and Crew 1374 is Michael Hammond mike-keeta@...

      To: Occoquan@yahoogroups.com
      CC: smushaw@...
      From: Occoquan-noreply@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 08:05:52 -0400
      Subject: [Occoquan Scouting Newsgroup] Units not yet responded

      We want to thank all of the units that responded earlier we have over half of the unit contacts confirmed for this year's recharter for 2015... Now we need the rest....to respond..
      We still have several (29) units who have not yet responded; please advise as to who will be your unit re-charter person for the next charter year. And please provide that contact information so we can reconfirm directly with them.
      Again we must emphasize that this years re-charter will be earlier than last year; and there will be less time to prepare your parents if you wait till September to respond.
      Please excuse if this list is in error. I may have missed some emails, due to computer issues at home.
      But please re verify... Thank you
      Type Number
      Crew 35
      Crew 43
      Troop 74
      Pack 136
      Troop 189
      Crew 295
      Pack 454
      Troop 857
      Pack 1149
      Post 1268
      Crew 1357
      Pack 1357
      Team 1357
      Troop 1357
      Pack 1363
      Troop 1363
      Troop 1365
      Troop 1367
      Troop 1369
      Team 1374
      Troop 1378
      Pack 1385
      Troop 1392
      Crew 1553
      Pack 1553
      Team 1553
      Troop 1553
      Crew 1656
      Pack 1656
      Team 1656
      Troop 1656
      Crew 1919
      PACK 1964

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