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4863Dale City Independence Day Parade Position # 43

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  • Alice Nelson
    Jul 1, 2014
      Dale City Independence Day Parade Position # 43 
      Occoquan District will be marching in the Dale City Independence Day Parade again this year.  All district Scouts and Scouters are invited to participate.  This is a great experience for boys of all ages as well as a chance for the Scouts of the Occoquan District to create a positive, group image for scouting.  Join us as we  show our patriotism and pride to be a scout!
      When: Friday, July 4, 2014 
      Time: Parade Position Meeting Time - 9:15 am
      Start Location: Look for the number 43 on the small sign post on the east bound side of Dale Boulevard - we should be near Delaney Road.  You should see our new BSA-NCAC banner and all the scouts first.
      End Location: Commuter lot behind Center Plaza (Giant) where there is an annual Family Fun Day - This is where all scouts should be picked up by their leaders or parents if they do not walk in the parade
      Attire: Field Uniform (Class A), Activity Uniform (Class B) or other appropriate clothing to represent scouting
      Point of Contact:
      Alice Nelson - ARNelsonCH@... - (cell phone) 703-475-6868
      ·        One person from each unit should be designated as their unit’s parade coordinator and contact the POC above with projected number of participants. If someone wants to join last minute, LET THEM! 
      ·        Each unit will be responsible for bringing, monitoring and returning youth to their parent or guardian.  If the Activity Consent form or other form is used, please use the method your unit practices for an event.
      ·        Safety considerations should be in place for each unit that brings participants.  Heat and weather factors may be a matter of concern.  Each person should wear a BSA appropriate hat or sunglasses and sunscreen.  ALL participants should have some type of hydration for themselves.  Water will be a necessity, not an option.
      ·        Passing out candy to the children along the route is entirely up to the discretion of each unit as to whether or not they choose to do so. 
      ·        Small wagons may be rolled along the route to carry water and trash.  We will practice the Leave No Trace principals during our march along the route.