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4858Recharter schedule is changing

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  • Roger LaBrie
    Jun 29, 2014
      National is directing changes to the processing schedule of all Unit Charters  – AND — NCAC our Council is making changes to accommodate.

      NATIONAL DIRECTIVE:  All charters not processed by Council (NCAC) by 31 December for Occoquan units will be dropped from scouting.  They  will have NO INSURANCE after 31 December. And no ability to process scout advancement. 

      Soooo Council will have 31 days (1 December through 31 December)  to process all of the Occoquan charters (plus Four/Five other Districts) to meet National’s deadline..  They will have a lot to do, and you can stay ahead of the game by being ready and on time.  Our District has to close on the charters by 30 November to allow council time to process.

      There will be a 30 day grace period if you fail to meet the deadline where the units can recover their charter BUT only 30 days.. That means by 30 January 2015.   The 60 day period of prior years is NO LONGER.. Remember turning in the charter in December puts your unit at RISK— don’t go there!!

      If the units miss the 31 December date and are not reinstated by 30 January, the unit leadership will need to redo all of their membership applications to reinstate that charter.  Don’t be late

      What does this all mean for the units in Occoquan and the Occoquan re-charter schedule?

      This means the Occoquan District schedule will also need to change.  Our District Turn in date will now be 1 November, venue still TBD.  The Commissioners will have the rest of November to chase down any late charters.  

      For those units who are traditionally late please take heed, you may need to seriously look at making some changes to your internal process to meet the new schedule set by National.

      Don’t be late..

      We will address this again at the August roundtable but by then it will be a little late if you have not yet prepared your families for the changes to the recharter schedule…  DO what you have to now to avoid panic in the streets

      This is all breaking within the past few weeks and council is still preparing documentation to go out to the units,,,  Soooo this is  a heads up.. 

      Charter Packages and access codes will be available through a revised training schedule by 15 September.   And the UCRS system will now be turned on 1 October for Occoquan.

      Training will occur starting after 15 September through 15 October if need be,, including District training day..

      Example of a Unit Implementation of the new schedule:
      1. Notify the families by  15 August and tell them what their fees will be… and when they need to have them into you.
      2. Have your UNIT drop dead date by 15 September, to collect your membership/recharter fees from your families.
      3. Go to re-charter Orientation schedule and venue to be announced.
      4. Pick the package as early as possible starting after 15 September  venues TBD.
      5. Complete the UCRS recharter by 15 October
      6. Get signatures after 15 October and BEFORE 31 October
      7. Turn your charter at the District Turn on 1 November.

      Have a good fourth,,,and  Stay Tuned.


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