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4822Spring IOLS - It's Looking Better Every Day!

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  • Leonard Ritter
    May 5, 2014
      Fellow Scout Leaders,
                                          We are 2 short weeks away from our Spring IOLS course.  I have been very concerned with having sufficient quality instructors for the variety of scouting skills that must be taught, but I am very happy to announce that a number of our veteran instructors from both IOLS and District Training have stepped up to the plate once again.  We are now just short one instructor - First Aid.  If any of you are a certified first aid instructor, paramedic, nurse, MD, or other similar persuasion OR know someone that is that might be interested in giving a few hours of instruction to adults that in turn will teach our scouts - please let me know soonest.

      Len Ritter
      District Training Chair
      Occoquan District