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4806District Training Day

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  • Leonard Ritter
    Apr 13, 2014
      Fellow Scouters,
                       We are now just two weeks away from our District Training Day.  Unless we have someone to instruct the following courses they will be dropped from the training:

      1. Foil Cooking - this is an elective so not critical.  I actually thought I had read a previous email on someone that might want to do this...

      2. Varsity Leader Training - Any of our LDS leaders available to do this?

      3.  Webelos to Scout Transition

      4. Recruiting Adults for Your Program - this was offered last Fall, but didn't have many takers.

      5.  Venture Leader Training

      6.  IOLS Boot Camp

      7.  Backpacking Skills.  This is another elective and I have one tentative instructor so this isn't out yet.

      8.  Tiger Den Leader Specific Training - haven't had any one sign up for this course in a while.

      9. Webelos Den Leader Specific Training

      10. Pack Trainers/Unit Training Managers

      If you have interest in one or more of these and you are not already instructing other course, please let me know soonest.  I'll be at roundtable tomorrow.

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