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4649Why recharter ON TIME -Please read

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  • Roger LaBrie
    Oct 22, 2013

      To Everyone in  the Occoquan District

      During this recharter period your  unit representative will be needing lots of help to close on your unit recharter "ON Time" so please don't take this task lightly.  Rechartering  is easy but there are lots of little details that need to be correct.  And it won't get done unless you help make it happen in your unit.

      1.) Are all your applications turned in. BY 31 October.      After 1 November recommend you hold onto them, and turn them in at recharter,,,,,  but realize your recharter fee will need to modified to include December 2013 registration fees. (SEE TURN IN ENVELOPE)

      2.) Do all of the adults have a current YPT certificate expires after 31 March 2014, OR  Date of Certificate is 31 March 2012 or After.   If you have taken the training you know about any exceptions to this rule.

      Why recharter ON TIME ?????

      *****  If you do not recharter on time; after 31 December your unit insurance will no longer be in effect.  And you cannot continue your scouting activities until your charter is completed.


      ****  Why each adult participating should be properly registered? 

      Clearly there is an advantage for be registered adults; the insurance for adults in your unit NOT Registered is only after their own insurance kicks in…. (See third highlighted paragraph)

      Comprehensive General Liability Insurance  

      1.)This coverage provides primary general liability coverage for registered volunteer Scouters with respect to claims arising out of an official Scouting activity. This coverage responds to allegations of negligent actions by third parties that results in personal injury or property damage claim that is made and provides protection for Scouting units, volunteer Scouts and chartering organizations.

      2.) Registered volunteers are provided primary coverage through the BSA general liability program, but not for vehicle or maritime (watercraft) liability, which is only on an excess basis; the owner's vehicle or maritime (watercraft) liability is primary. This insurance is available only while the vehicle or watercraft is in the actual use of a Scouting unit and being used for a Scouting purpose.

      3.) The insurance provided to unregistered Scouting volunteers through the general liability insurance program is excess over any other insurance the volunteer might have to his or her benefit, usually a homeowners, personal liability, or auto liability policy

      4.) The general liability policy does not provide indemnification or defense coverage to those individuals who commit intentional and/or criminal acts. The Boy Scouts of America does not have an insurance policy which provides defense for situations involving allegations of intentional and/or criminal acts.

      Thanks to Andy Tainter for bringing this to our attention….