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4645Alternate Verification of the YPT certificate

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  • Roger LaBrie
    Oct 19, 2013
    Attached are three forms in which the YPT certificate can be verified..
    • The Unit Aging Report
    The Aging report is difficult to find but its in there were the scouting.org pages are with the Evalidation pages.
    The aging report can only be produced by one of the Key Three in your unit: The UNIT Leader, the Committee Chair, or the Charter Organizational Representative (COR)
    • The individual certificate
    • The Individual E-Validation 
    • A copy of the Certificate from one of the classes offered at District Training Day.  (please copy onto 8x10 page)
    PLEASE no small pieces of paper, everything should be on an 8x10 page..  You can put multiples on the same page.

    All certificates must have a Finish Date of 31 March 2012 or anytime after.

    To save you time and effort you can submit any combination of any of the three forms of validation.

    Due to the lag time processing the packages the certificates must expire after 31 March 2014.

    Otherwise the charter packages will not process through.