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4640Another Way to VERIFY YPT verification

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  • Roger LaBrie
    Oct 15, 2013
    All units have is ability to retrieve a single Report on the YPT certs for
    their own unitŠ

    However it must be done by either one of the Key Three in the Unit..

    1.) Unit Leader,
    2.) Committee Chair, or
    3.) The Charter Organizational Representative...


    >If the one of the Key three in your unit goes into the Evalidation tools
    >they will be able to pull up the YPT certs for everyone listed on the
    >Council roster at one time saving you time and effort pulling up the YPT
    >dates.. for the re-charter package.

    Again make certain all Expiration Dates in this case is after 31 March
    2014; this is equivalent to the 31 March 2012 COMPLETION date, which
    required on the INDIVIDUAL cert pages
    >For the new folks not yet on the charter of course the YPT certificate or
    >the individual E-validation page would be needed with the charter
    >As an example a UNIT YPT Aging Report page as attached is allowed as
    >another form of verificationŠ.

    >It must be printed from the WEB pages like the other verification pages..