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4512Fall District Training Day

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  • Leonard Ritter
    Aug 1, 2013
    Fellow Scouters,
                                 It's already time again, in two short months we'll be conducting our Fall District Training Day (Saturday, 5 Oct, 8:00am at Grace Baptist Church).  I'm taking this opportunity to do a dual solicitation.  If you have scout leaders that need the training, make sure they reserve the date and sign up.  I'll have sign up info coming out shortly.  The other purpose is to suggest that if you've received the training already and enjoyed the classes - what about teaching one!  The District Training Committee is always looking for a few, proud... wait a minute, that's been used... If you are interested in becoming a District Instructor please drop me an email and let me know.  I've attached the tentative schedule with classes so that might give you an idea what you might be interested in teaching.  Also looking for someone that can make a Dutch Oven sing; and if you can do that let me know, because we're both going to get rich.  Seriously, if you are a Dutch Oven ninja and would like to show your skills - I have a slot for you on the program!
    Len Ritter
    District Training Chair
    Occoquan District
    h: 703-794-8571
    m: 703-517-0597