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Re: scouts - training

I've added Len Ritter to your discussion as he is our Occoquan Training Chair and knows these answers the best. My first thought is to take a look at the NCAC
1:06 PM

Re: scouts - training

There is only one listed - Powhaten district 11/7 (Reston, VA) That has been full for a while. They are at max capacity. No other districts are offering it.
1:06 PM

scouts - training

My pack has about 4-5 people interested in taking BALOO, but when the new cubmaster saw that the only training available was in November and it was full. I'm
12:32 PM

Re: Fw: Golf Merit Badge Classes in June

Cathy, June 12 is a Thursday, 13th and 14th are sat/Sun. Andi
Andi Boyles
May 20

Fw: Golf Merit Badge Classes in June

Dear Scouters, For those of you who missed out on the opportunity to earn the Golf merit badge in May, you can now enroll your scout for the upcoming classes
Cathy Riddle
May 20

QUWF Grant Information

ATTENTIONScoutmasters, Coaches, Crew Advisors and Skipper  Your assistance is "GreatlyNeed in Supporting the I-95 Corridor Project."As previously posted and
Ken & Marcia EGGERS
May 20

High Adventure Program Training Opportunity

Powder Horn - National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America ... This program is designed to give you a survey level look at most of the High Adventure
E Lee Hutchins
May 17

We appreciate the feedback you gave us

Not sure how many received this but its worth disseminating widely for greatest visibility. ... From: Boy Scouts of America - Voice of the Scout
Ken & Marcia EGGERS
May 15

Lyme & Other Tick-borne Disease forum, 28 May 2015

Check out the Lyme & Other Tick Borne Disease forum on 28 May 2015. Lyme and other Tick-borne Disease Forum with Congressman Wittman - National Capital Area
Ken & Marcia EGGERS
May 14

Fw: Minutes of HAC Meeting 7 May 2015

...... Get Your NCAC High Adventure update here.... YiHA! Lee
E Lee Hutchins
May 14
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Instructions on the new Tools offered in My.Scouting .org

One of the more interesting files found under Program Launch is the Power Point presentation on the NEW SCOUtING TOOLS.. Inside the Power Point presentation
Roger LaBrie
May 12
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Spring JSN's/Spring Recruitment

All, While some Spring Join Scouting Nights have already taken place, there are still many more to go. The goal of the Occoquan District is to inform as many
May 11

Volunteer Opportunity

Below, please find an interesting way to help our community with Emergency Preparedness! Sign up if you plan on attending!  YIS,Cathy
Cathy Riddle
May 11

District Dinner...

I wanted to THANK the entire District Dinner team, especially Chanel Marquis for putting together an exceptional District Dinner. We had over 120 Scouters,
David Byrne
May 11

Last Call...Early Bird Signup

From: jerry saggers
    Ken & Marcia EGGERS
    May 10
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